India is the medley of various cultures. Though rich in heritage, this country has always been accepting of other influences. This country indeed is the epitome of what we call ‘unity in diversity.’ Growing up as a woman in India, we have been subjected to such diverse influences, and each time these influences have opened a new horizon for us and have given us fresh perspectives matters related to lifestyles.

The seeping-in of the western trend into our culture is happening en masse, and because of it, our own culture, heritage and ways of living life are somewhere going into oblivion. To stay true to our roots, especially in the domain of outfits is becoming tough due to the massive influence of Bollywood, which in itself is blindly influenced by western culture.

Leggings, jeggings, and denim are replacing churidars, patialas, and salwars. Tunics and ‘long-tops’ is becoming a staple and scarves are rapidly replacing dupattas. In such a scenario, if you want to stay true to your heritage and want the ethnic charm to enwrap you in its elegance forever, we are here to help you.

The salwar or the bottom-wear is an integral part of an ethnic ensemble, and if you replace it with anything that does not fit in well with the ethnic aura, you might miss out on looking your best. Let us further look into the types of bottom wears that will keep the ethnic element alive without compromising on the style quotient.

Most Stylish Salwar Pants

There are a lot of variations available in the category of salwars, each of which has its own beauty. Moreover, every style does not suit every occasion, and it is for this reason you must select the style of your salwar carefully.

1. The Patiala Pants- The Most Popular one!

The Patiala pants originated in the state of Punjab, in a place called Patiala. This type of salwar features a neat and perfect pleated look and appear graceful. It is majorly worn by women in Punjab and is loved by all. Patiala comes in two varieties, one with the light pleatings and the other type has a lot of pleats. You can customize your Patiala salwar according to your fashion sensibility.

Short kurtas go exceptionally well with the Patiala pants. Team this ensemble with the perfect pair of ‘jooti’ (footwear) and heavy jhumkas to look vivacious and beautiful.


2. Harem Pants- The Unique One!

The character of ‘Geet’ from the Bollywood film ‘Jab We Met’ is loved by one and all. Every girl wanted to be Geet after the movie released and so they all fell in love with Geet’s style. Everyone went gaga over the harem pants that Geet wore in the movie and gave it a place in their wardrobe.

The silhouette of a harem pant features loose fittings with elastic bands fitted at the ankles. This type of pants would look brilliant if teamed with a mid-length or short-length kurtis.


3. Printed Salwars- The Traditional Pick!

Beautiful prints have always been a part of our culture, and a printed salwar is no exception. This style is for ladies who like to look simple yet elegant.

You can pair any kurti with this style, and it would be a match. But the most popular trend while doing a mix & match with a printed salwar is teaming it up with a monochrome kurta and a printed dupatta.


4. Sharara Salwar- The Retro Style!

A sharara is a retro style that is being revived recently. A sharara looks great on women who have a tall stature. If you pair a sharara with a straight-fit long kurti, it can do wonders to your look.


5. Culottes- The Latest Trend!

Culottes is one of the trendiest bottom-wears that you can find anywhere. They are in vogue and many women’s favorite for their versatility, cool look, comfort-factor and slimming effect on the wearer. They look great with mid-length kurtas of the straight fit type.


6. Dhoti Salwar- A Medley of Cultures!

The Dhoti salwar is a blend of the north Indian and south-Indian styles. This salwar looks super-trendy and has an ethnic feel to it. It is heavily pleated and has inward arcs that form a different kind of look. Teaming dhoti salwar with a short kurti is a great idea provided you can pull off the look.


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