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Beauty: The Perfect Way To Address Skin Dryness For The Eye

Small dry patches or whole areas rough to the touch, where the skin sometimes goes to crack, are characteristic of rough skin. In addition to being rough and painful, these very dry and rough areas can also become red and flaking.

Having dry and rough skin is not dangerous in itself but causes a feeling of discomfort sometimes painful. The skin of the feet for example can become rough and dry because of the friction of the socks and very tight shoes.

Why does the skin become dry and rough?

When the skin is healthy, the deeper layers nourish the upper layers. The outer layer of the skin is covered with a thin layer of sebum which preserves its suppleness and softness, on the one hand, and prevents its dehydration, on the other hand. However, if this process is disrupted or impeded, the skin can become rough and dry.

The four disturbing elements described below are particularly likely to make the skin dry, flaky and rough.

1. Winter

It is much more common to have coarse and flaky skin in winter due to the combination of several factors, such as falling temperatures, wind and loss of skin water.

2. Temperature variations

Air conditioning, hot showers, overheated homes … are also factors that affect the skin. From the return of the cold winter days, we tend to put the heating thoroughly. The contrast between the cold outside and the heat that reigns inside can thus be at the origin of dry hands and exfoliating feet.

3. Insufficient or inadequate care products

During the winter months, the skin certainly needs an extra boost. Unfortunately, we do not always bring her what she needs and forget to hydrate her as she should. Result: the skin begins to flake.

4. Contact or friction irritation

Some parts of the body “suffer” more than others: they suffer from friction or are exposed to factors that dry out the skin. This is, for example, the case of hands that, when washing dishes or cleaning for example, are often in contact with water and detergents. The elbows and knees undergo the rubbing of clothing.

What to do when you have rough or flaky skin?

The ideal dry flaky skin under eyes treatments is obviously to take care of your skin to prevent the appearance of rough and flaky areas. These six tips will help you avoid this annoyance or mitigate it.

1. Monitor the indoor air quality

Be sure to ventilate during the day and possibly buy a hygrometer, a device that is used to measure the degree of humidity in the air. If the air is too dry, an air humidifier may be useful.

2. Avoid baths and showers that are too long and too hot

The shower is an incomparable moment of relaxation, but if it is too hot and lasts too long, it can also dry out the skin of your hands, feet and legs. Five minutes under a shower at 35 degrees Celsius are enough! When finished, do not rub vigorously with the towel, but gently wipe your skin.

3. Apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream as a prevention

A nourishing cream does not apply only when one has dry or rough skin. It is precisely when the skin is healthy that a nourishing and moisturizing cream e brings a precious complement of care. This will prevent the risk of the skin splitting in places and becoming painful.

4. Stimulate the blood circulation

Have enough physical activity and get into the habit of incorporating a Scottish shower, massage or sauna session into your program. The blood ensures the supply of nutrients and the elimination of metabolic waste. In other words, good blood circulation is good for the skin.

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