The suspension of Dallas Cowboys’ running back  Ezekiel Elliott has clouded the 2017 NFL season and it’s not likely to end soon.

According to most recent reports the NFL seems to believe that the most recent ruling means that the injunction got lifted. So Elliott will start his suspension immediately. The NFLPA sees it differently with the injunction still in place with further clarification.

Still the question is how come the Cowboys running back is dragging out the process? He’s only delaying the inevitable and he will certainly sit those six games. It’s admirable that Elliott has maintained his innocent throughout the process, yet he’s in a no-win situation for himself.

Yes, the victim did have a text message conversation with a friend about if she could get money from Elliott to not release sex tapes. She also registered a domain name. Still that doesn’t prove that the violence towards her didn’t happen.

Also, a tweet from Elliott back in 2013 doesn’t help his cause either.


Still that’s not the reason to drop the appeal immediately and surprisingly enough it has to do with Harvey Weinstein.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, Elliott was out having a good time and drinking when he pulled down a woman’s top exposing her breasts. The NFL did not discipline him for that. It seems that the league didn’t learn anything from the Ray Rice fiasco?

What’s even worse were Elliott’s representatives trying to excuse his behavior towards the woman. Drinking and having a good time doesn’t excuse sexual assault. Elliott’s old enough to know better and that his actions were inappropriate.

It seems that Elliott doesn’t get that his suspension was too short to begin with. He also doesn’t appear to get it as he apologized for being a distraction and a disruption, yet didn’t take any ownership of his actions. Now, he gets the opportunity to do so by dropping his appeal and sitting those games out as he’s lucky it wasn’t 10 plus games.

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