By Garret Norris

Having an online presence does not only revolve around having a website set up, and a social media page where customers can contact you and where you can promote your business and its products or services. While it’s true that having an online presence opens up a big opportunity for your business to improve on its sales, it’s also true that this is not simple matter of setting up your domain on the Internet and expecting that people will find your soon. Many key factors play into the success of your business online, particularly for online sales.

One of these factors is keywords – words or phrases that accurately define what the content in a page of a website is all about, which is usually in a phrase format of at least two words. They are what your target market would enter in search engines like Google and Yahoo! when they are looking for information about the product or service that is similar to what you are offering them.

For example, if you are selling various electronics, gadgets, and their accessories, the keywords of the page where the catalog of your products list should revolve around the things that you are selling. Phrases such as “ASUS laptop”, “computer mouse”, “laptop accessories”, etc. The phrases that you choose for your web pages should be relevant to the content so they would pop up as relevant searches for the keywords that your target market is searching for.

When used properly, keyword-optimized pages can result in better search results and increase traffic to an online store, mainly because people are finding you in the right moments and under the right criteria. After all, people who search for something want to be directed to pages that are the most relevant to their concerns, and having keyword-optimized pages will help greatly with that.

Here are the key benefits of using the right keywords to boost your online sales, as presented in this infographic by Healthy Business Builder.

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