By Marcus Clarke

Being a part of eSports might sound like a hobby, but it can also be a long and fruitful career. The industry is growing with each new day, as millions of people take part in the tournaments, both as players and audience. These events generate immense profits and are now looking for workers to help with organisation and running of the blooming business.

In other words, accountants, event managers, PR experts, game testers and professional players – we are looking for you!

If you are wondering how to start, it is no different than in any other sector. You should begin by looking up potential employers and opportunities they offer. Good sites for that include JobsineSports and The eSports Observer, but there are many others.

Get in contact with the companies that catch your eye and tell them why you are the best for the job! If you have experience in the role for which you are applying and are truly passionate about eSports then there should be no problem.

eSports interest many young people as well, people that don’t necessarily have the experience to back up their application. Everybody has to start someplace, right? In this case, don’t feel discouraged – contact the companies just the same!

If you have the luxury to offer them your services as a volunteer for a month or two; to gain essential knowledge and prove yourself, you could even get in touch with your favourite companies that are currently not hiring. The worse they can do is say ‘no’. Literally.

eSports is on the rise and we can expect many great developments in the future. To take a chance on the industry and help us built it could be immensely profitable, but also a lot of fun. If you think you are up for the challenge, please check the infographic below, provided by our partners at Computer Planet.

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