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Blocked toilets are a pretty standard affair of any household, commercial building or even public building. But one thing that everyone knows is that a blocked drain requires immediate action. If you wait for too long, there could be massive consequences; from overflowing to even flooding. That is why one needs the help of blocked drains specialists to use their superior techniques and equipment’s to clear the drain blockage before it gets too late.

Why Do Drains Get Blocked?

There are several reasons why your drains might be getting blocked, but the most common reason is due to a build-up of fluids, fats, oils or human waste. The blockage problem might also occur due to the drain pipes becoming corroded which can cause other structural problems. More often than not, these types of blockages cannot be fixed by a lay man, and you need the help of professionals with their tools and techniques to fix your blocked drains.

Drain clearing

Most Common Techniques Used by Blocked Drains Specialists:

  • Drain Rodding- It is a simple process of using the drain rod. Depending upon the length of the sewer pipe and where the blockage is, rods are fixed by screws and then inserted into the drain pipe to clear out a blockage. This is one of the most common methods of clearing out a drain blockage. Using a rod typically takes about 45 minutes to clear out a blocked drain.
  • High Pressure Jetting- Water is one of the strongest forces that can be used to wash out blockages. High pressure water jetting is inserted into a blocked water pipe. High pressure jets shoot water at the speed of up to 5000 psi into the water pipe. This high force clears out any kind of blockage in the drains and facilitates the proper, convenient usage of the toilets once again. In low force, water is not a powerful agent but at these high forces, water is turned into laser cutting jets which can also be used for descaling the blocked drains. These high pressure jets are able to easily cut through materials like tree roots, food, soil, sanitary material and wastes.
  • CCTV- Often, the cause of a blocked drain is not obvious to the specialists. In these typical cases, specialists will use a CCTV to inspect the insides of the water pipes. This helps them to figure out exactly what is causing the blockage and to tackle the problem in a more accurate and efficient manner.
  • Jet Vac Tanker Services- The cleaning of larger sewers such as culverts cannot be done accurately by using these measures. Often, larger, more technically advanced and powerful techniques and equipments are required to clear these large sewers. Tanker Jetters are used to remove tough and stubborn debris, silt and other materials from these large sewers. It is like the process of high pressure water jetting.  In the case of this process, high pressure water jets are used to clear out the blockages from drains. These jetters use up to 50 gallons of water per minute. The Jet vac tanker can be used to clear other areas as well such as ponds, pump stations, drainage channels, grease traps, and much more.
  • Electro-Mechanical Cleaning– A common technique used by blocked drains specialists, electro-mechanical cleaning uses flexible steel cables to cut through materials like debris, tree roots, lime scale, etc. The steel cables are fixed with professional cutting tools which do the work easily and efficiently.

Here listed are some of the most common techniques and tools used by the professionals to clear out blocked drains efficiently.

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