Another year has come, and pass and 2018 are just around the corner, having a fresh start means having your surroundings renewed. This year is very appropriate for those who want to renovate and get deals to remodel their bathrooms. There is no appealing view than to look at a newly furnished and clean bathroom.

Having your bathroom fixed and polished not just only for investment, but for the things that are worth the price. Here are some bathroom trends for you to consider on 2018, here’s a fresh start for you!

Having French Doors can make your bathroom a different vibe that could make you relaxed and feel fresh every time that you are in your bathroom. It also avoids the cause of spilling of water and creates a major statement in an otherwise simple space.

Considering decorating your bathroom with playful colors and patterns can somewhat have the illusion of a bigger space and a livelier environment on your bathroom. Instead of picking neutral colors and plain looking prints, why not try to be bold and fierce with your bathroom color?

Having that Retro Vibes in your bathroom seems to introduce another sensation of being relaxed and renewed. Moreover, just like how you would welcome 2018, this vibe is out an about for your new décor taste.

Rectangular mirrors are outdated; Round Mirrors are more popular for 2018. Pairing round mirrors through every interior of your bathroom are easy, with the statement that it easily brings to you, it is surely a simple piece that will be a valuable investment for your new bathroom.

Having a clean bathroom means relating it to how nature affects your bathroom. The Touches of Nature brings the inner beauty of your bathroom. When the accessorized with your bathroom, the earthly feeling seems to calm down your nerves and is very healthy for the environment of your bathroom.

If you want to learn more about the bathroom trends for 2018, check the infographic below by Luxury Commercial Bath.

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