In a 2017 survey, the etiquette experts Debrett’s discovered a big divide between the attitudes of vapers and non-vapers on the subject of e-cigarette etiquette. This infographic from Purplebox Vapours explores the modern social minefield that is vaping.

When it comes to thesocial do’s and don’ts of vaping, it’s evident that there is a lot of uncertainty among vapers and non-vapers alike. According to the aforementioned survey, 80% of vapers say that they try to be mindful of the people around them, yet despite this one in three non-vapers identified a lack of politeness amongst e-cig users.

So how can you best avoid an awkward situation when vaping? This helpful infographic guide provides some answers to frequent questions such as “where can I vape?”, “can I vape at work?” and “who can I vape around?”

According to the survey, vaping in confined spaces (such as cars or elevators) was generally perceived to be the biggest vaping faux pas. The respondents agreed that it is good manners to notify others before taking out a vape. It was also identified as polite not to vape around children or pets.

Of course, etiquette goes both ways. The infographic below also outlines ways that non-vapers can mind their p’s and q’s too. For example, one suggestion is not to judge vapers too harshly. Despite the fact that most vapers adopted the habit to cut down on smoking, non-vapers aren’t always sympathetic and fail to acknowledge the difference between vaping and smoking.

Find out more about the etiquette of e-cigarettes for vapers and non-vapers in the below infographic.

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