With advancements in technology, large organizations utilize the latest software technology to improve the system’s efficiency and working performance. Large organizations use the anonymous survey to get honest reviews and thoughts from the respondents to improve the company’s working criteria.

Understanding Anonymous Surveys

An anonymous survey is a survey methodology that doesn’t hold or record the respondents’ identity and personal information. It provides a secure survey questionnaire without the fear of being identified, and respondents feel free to raise their voices and share their thoughts honestly. The survey is developed to share positive or negative reviews without any fear because some employees of the company make hesitation while giving negative impressions about the company’s services.

How Can Anonymous Survey Protect Your Identity?

Anonymous surveys do not store identifying information of the respondent. This information includes location, address, contact number and device information. It also doesn’t get information about the URL link or email- address. Everything is kept encrypted while using an anonymous survey methodology. It protects your identity, such as:

  • IP address and location are not always logged in with this survey.
  • Device information is not stored and shared and kept as encrypted
  • Anonymous seal is put on the top of the survey to know about the security of respondents’ identities
  • K-anonymity methodology is used to protect custom data on the URL address
  • Automatically randomization of the responses taken from the respondents to make clear that which one is submitted at first or last one

How can you create an Anonymous Survey?

It’s simple to create your anonymous survey within one click by utilizing the online survey platform. Anonymous surveys can be created with an anonymous survey link or anonymous email collector.

Anonymous Survey Link Creation

It’s the best way to collect information from the respondents by sending them a survey link, and by clicking on the link, they can share their thoughts and views and submit it to the organization.  The first step is to navigate to the “Distribute” option on the survey platform, and after this, click on the “Anonymous Link” to create an anonymous survey link. The last step is to copy the Survey link and send it to the respondents either by email or website link.

Anonymous Email Collector/ Receiver

It’s the ideal option if you are doing research work or surveying within a company for the employees. It’s similar to the above method, and you can create it by navigating the “Distribute” option and click on “Anonymous Email Message”. The last step is to add Email-addresses to send this survey questionnaire for the response.

Anonymous Surveys are usually done to take employee responsible for the company’s facilities, incentives, and performance. The survey is also done for research purposes, and university students are forced to share their views and thoughts honestly about the specific topic.

Advantages of Anonymous Survey

There are many advantages of the anonymous survey, and some are given below:

  • The survey creates a feeling of trust and confidence among the respondents to answer the questions.
  • It encourages the respondents to raise their voices and share honest views and thoughts according to their will.
  • People are free to give negative remarks and reviews about the company’s policy due to anonymity methodology.
  • It enhances the responses rate more than the non-confidential surveys.




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