There is a lot of debate going on folding bikes – should we take it or not? Some people tell that we should consider a folding bike and some people make arguments on that. And this debate should stop. Actually, everyone’s opinion is right from their perspective. In this writing, we will talk about all the perspective about folding bike and clarify your confusion on that.

Reason Behind – We Should Buy Folding Bike:

Here we will provide the reasons behind buying a folding bike. Let’s check that.


A folding bike is very convenient and portable. Actually, portability is the main selling point of this bike. An example will clear everything.

EX-You can fold it and take to the car. When you need to use it, you can unfold it and use it. And when you don’t need to use it you can put it to your car; do not need to keep it in the bike stand or anywhere.

Small Home Friendly:

This is the second selling reason for this bike. It is best fitted for a smaller space. Those who live in a small room and house can try this. It will save your space and give you extra space where you can keep your important thing. You can place it in your wardrobe, table or any tiny place.

Easy to Operate:

It is very easy to operate and the operating system is the same as the conventional one. Unfold it fully and ride on your bike. At first, you may face problem in folding and unfolding your bike but with a matter of time, you will get used with it.

You can carry it to any place

You carry it to any place you want. Most of the folding bike has a lighter weight than the conventional one. That’s why any adult people can carry it; even women can carry it. Most of the company offers suitcase with the folding bike and it is very easy to carry with it.

Look cool and stylish

If you ask my opinion, a folding bike is more cool and stylish than others. The design is very unique and interesting.  Huge collection of folding bike available in the current market. Road Folding bike, Mountain Folding bike, Hybrid Folding Bike is the most popular and familiar one.

Reason Behind – We Should Not Buy Folding Bike:

Now we should look at the other side of the folding bike. In this portion, we will talk about the disadvantages of it.

Offer lesser Than The Conventional bike:

It is true that normal bike offers more than folding bikes. You will get maximum performance and speed from a conventional bike. Beside home fitness routine, those bike can serve you more than you expect.That’s why biker considers a regular bike.

The price is also a factor here – Buying cost and Maintenance Cost. The normal bike offers a lower price tag than the folding one. Maintenance cost is another thing to consider. You need an experienced technician to repair a folding bike.

The cleaning procedure is also a problem for this. It is different than others and time-consuming too.

Not so durable:

This topic can turn your decision; so read it carefully. Folding one is not so durable than the regular one. Regular bikes are fixed that’s why poses more strength than the folding one. The possibility of useless or breaking down is another big issue with the folding bike. But those bikes are updating regularly to fix their issues and becoming more standard day by day.

Folding Bikes Are Not For All:

You have to understand that it is not for all. Such as child and old man can’t carry this therefore not use it. The folding and unfolding procedure can be a burden for some people.

Decision Taking Time:

The discussion is over; now it is time for taking the decision. For me, it is not so hard to take the decision. And one thing you should keep in mind that It is impossible to get everything. You have to compromise for greater achievement.

Our advice for you is to try a folding bike once if you compromise a little bit. As both offer more or less the same, folding bike will not create a huge problem. Keep riding in your folding bike and let us know your experience.

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