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Dallas Cowboys: Jourdan Lewis Found Not Guilty, Lucky Whitehead Speaks Out

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The verdict from the trial of Dallas Cowboys CB, Jourdan Lewis has been revealed. The six member jury in Michigan’s 15th District Court deliberated for just more than 90 minutes and found him to be “Not Guilty” as revealed early Tuesday evening.

The case centered around Lewis throwing pillows at his accuser that struck her in the face and whether any malicious contact occurred following the pillow throws, or if Lewis was trying to leave the apartment to de-escalate a fight.

However, the incident began over a light that was left on while Lewis was sleeping. Upon returning home around 12:30 a.m. on March 15, 2017, Lewis’ then-girlfriend woke him up after seeing the light on. That led to an argument about finances that escalated.

Lewis did not testify in his own defense. John Shea, Lewis’s attorney called no witnesses and rested after Assistant Washtenaw County Prosecutor Lou Danner III rested his case. Danner called the accuser, the accuser’s mother and two police officers to testify.
Lewis, a third-round pick out of Michigan, had been adamant about going to trial in an attempt to clear his name since being charged with the crime in March. With the verdict being ruled in his favor, it appears as though Lewis will be able to join the team in training camp soon.

What happens officially remains to be seen. However, with the first football game, a preseason game being just eight days away, time is of the essence for Lewis to get some sort of work in with the team before hitting the NFL field for his first dress rehearsal.
As luck would have it, eliminating another potential distraction made for an even larger distraction. The Dallas Cowboys released receiver Rodney “Lucky” Whitehead recently because of mistaken identity.

Lucky Whitehead was accused of shoplifting in Virginia from a convince store. As the story unfolded, it got more and more confusing. Whitehead denied any part of being involved in the incident, stating that he didn’t even know about the situation or warrant.
Local media would later call for his firing via twitter and even Facebook. The Cowboys then released Whitehead. After the release, things got very interesting. Police admitted to mistaken identity, but the Cowboys organization is standing their ground. During a press conference yesterday, head coach Jason Garrett repeatedly reiterated that they made the move that was best for team interest.

While the Dallas Cowboys seemed to be gearing up for a kick and punt return battle between Whitehead and Switzer, Switzer seemed like he already had a lead in this competition. Switzer brings speed, youth, and a cheaper price tag to his position. All points indicate that Whitehead’s days were numbered. Watching this situation unfold is likely to be very interesting. However, one thing remains the same. The coaching staff really doesn’t owe an explanation. This latest incident could have been Whitehead’s final strike anyway.

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