Dallas Cowboys NFL Draft
Dallas Cowboys

2018 was supposed to be a prime opportunity for the Dallas Cowboys to host the NFL draft. Additionally, it could cost the Dallas Cowboys a shot at hosting another Super Bowl.
The Heart Of The Matter

The NFL is a league that desires to promote equality in people. As of late, two states have been targeted for their Anti-LGBT laws. However, due to the state laws believed to prevent equality, the NFL has had issues in Dallas and Atlanta. Additionally, the National Basketball Association, and NCAA Basketball events in North Carolina last year have also been moved due to the Anti-LGBT laws.
According to Dallas Cowboys 24/7 sports, Jerry Jones had this to say about the situation: “Any time social issues have the consequence of impacting what we’re doing at AT&T or what we’re doing with our team, then that gets my attention,” Jones said just ahead of the 2017 NFL Combine. “I hope how that is ultimately resolved is a non-event and not impactful on what we do with our events. That’s the best I can do there.”
So what is really going on? While there have been no new comments since this story broke, Texas government officials still have not made a decision on the bill. According to Texas tribune.org, the bill in question would have “required transgender people to use bathrooms in public schools, government buildings and public universities based on “biological sex.” The measure would also pre-empt local nondiscrimination ordinances that allow transgender Texans to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity”.
An important note should be made here: Sports teams in any league are governed by the league itself. However, they must adhere to the same laws other businesses in the state adhere to. The league might govern each of the 32 teams, but the state does as well.
Whether it is theAmerican Disabilities Act, the anti-terrorism measures regulated by the government, or any other law, there are no exemptions from the rules or punishment. But, there is also no need to refuse service from the LGBT community. And most likely, no NFL owner nor the team would refuse service. The NFL refusing to hold events in “Anti-LGBT States” is not only hurting local economies, but it could be hurting their own. And in doing so, it’s penalizing fans in that area for rules of which they have no control.

Who Really Wins And Who Really Loses In This Debate

When a situation like this comes along, it’s really quite a sad state of affairs. The NFL draft is a high caliber event. Whatever location the draft, a Super Bowl, or even the Pro Bowl is in could get a major boost in the local economy. While the NFL is trying to protect fans from being singled out and alienated, one question has come to mind. Has any other team made accommodations for such a fan? AT&T Stadium has family bathrooms in the bathroom area. In those bathrooms, there are no limits as to who can enter or exit. Furthermore, the actions of the team cannot change until the bill does. Whether the bill is passed or repealed, this will forever be an ongoing discussion. Promoting equality seems to be a double-edged sword. By choosing “equality”, the league ignores states with laws that supposedly don’t support equality. In doing so, fans are singled out in those states and are alienated by government choices.

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