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WWE: Does John Cena bury younger talent?

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Since John Cena has been at the top of the WWE, there seems to be the feeling that all he does is bury younger talent. Some superstars who have put the focus on John Cena to why they didn’t have success in the WWE are Wade Barrett, Rusev, and Bray Wyatt to name a few. After these superstars were in feuds where they should have gone over, they ended up losing and then had no success afterwards.

Well, it seems that John Cena may have finally put a rest to it.He recently did an interview with the Wrap to promote the second season of his Fox show American Grit and  was asked about “burying younger talent”.

“This is why I have the reputation of quote-unquote “burying younger talent,” because I will let them do whatever they want with me-and then after they get done, they are not motivated. So, it is not that I sink their ship,it is that they fail to operate on an elite level. And I am on to the next person , (to) whom I say, “Hey man, bring your best punch and I am gonna punch back”-and they don’t take that attiude.”

It surely makes it interesting. If you look at the quote that Cena said, you can see where he is coming from. What he is basically saying is that when he goes over on a talent and then they don’t get any momentum, it is not his fault. He views it as that the superstars who he defeats in a feud, they are not motivated. However, I could see where the fans of the WWE are upset with Cena. Since Cena has been in WWE, it seems that the WWE always writes Cena to go over on his opponent.

When Kevin Owens was able to go over on John Cena a few years ago, it was a shock to the WWE universe. It was a shock because it is very rare for any WWE superstar to go over on John Cena. I don’t feel that John Cena buries talent and its more of creative that writes it in for him.

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