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Dating: How Not To Forget Her Birthday, Anniversary or Special Occasion

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It’s no secret that men tend to forget anything, especially when dating, whether it be big or small, our memory works in mysterious ways, but best believe we can tell you how many yards Peyton Manning threw for in his first career start or what dunk Kobe Bryant did to win the Dunk Contest. In all fairness don’t blame us, this is the way we were created. The dating world can be crazy but we try our best to remember everything, just sometimes we fall flat on our face.

Men, if you’re in a relationship or dating then you know that look, that sigh or smirk we get when that not so subtle hint comes our direction. “I can’t wait for tomorrow”. “Me either” is your verbal response but on the inside your mind is racing a 100 miles per hour, consumed with only 4 words, “What did I forget”?

9 times out of 10, it’s her birthday, your anniversary or some special occasion that may have slipped your mind for various reason like too much stress at work, your team lost their game or something weird like you really have time to think about anything other than what I just mentioned. But a relationship is hard work and if she remembers, then she expects you to remember. But I’m here to tell you ladies, the male brain doesn’t work like that, it works in ways that we don’t even understand, all we must remember is to not leave the toilet seat up, hell even that is a struggle sometimes.

But fellas, we must do better for the simple fact that we love this woman and if we forget you better believe that ole Jodie at work already has the flowers, cards and candy ready when she walks in with that disappointed look on her face. No need to worry any longer, I am here to lend you a hand or a brain. I have compiled a short but simple list that will have her calling you the G.O.A.T and old Jodie at work looking for a new pick up game.

Here are my How not to forget steps:


Invest In A Calendar

To be honest you may not have to do that. It all depends on the status of the relationship. If you live together than there are already three floating around the house somewhere, if you’re dating and you’re living apart then this is most important. Women are planners by nature and they have everything from doctors, to hair appointments written in ink. Take advantage, search for it and if you can’t find one then get down to your local .99 cent store and purchase one. There is no need to hide it, she knows the dates she wants you to know and if you show her that you took the initiative and actually circled those special days, you just won major brownie points. If a calendar doesn’t work for you then use sticky notes and place them on the fridge.

Become Tech Savy

This is the technology age and most men are tech savy. If we can tweet, Facebook live, play fantasy football all from our phone then we can easily hit the calendar icon on the home screen and add a note under that specific date. I mean hell, all we have to do is hit save and the phone takes care of the rest with alarms and reminders. While the calendar reminder should be enough to get the job done there is still another solution, social media. If she’s in love, it’s all over social media. I’m hoping you guys are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram friends and wherever else but Facebook in particular let’s you know almost a year away whose birthday is coming up. When the day arrives Facebook sends you a notification reminding you of someone’s birthday but you can go a step farther and place those dates in yourself to get a reminder. Get with the program guys.

Last but not least this may be the most important one of them all. Let’s say you don’t like calendars or your social media accounts were hacked and you refuse to login, you always have that last resort that will never fail.

Tell Someone

I know what you’re thinking, why would a guy tell another forgetful guy something important to remember. Easy, all guys have that ONE guy friend that is  top candidate for husband/boyfriend of the year. The one that no matter how late you guys hang out he knows to stop pass a store and get those flowers, cards and candy for tomorrow because he knows, he just knows. Tell a family member. I have an aunt that can remember everyone in the family’s birthday, down to the time they were born, she is that good and those are the people you need in your corner if all else fails. But here is another weird suggestion. If you frequent the strip club, then tell your favorite stripper (like you don’t have one, you’re a guy remember), I guarantee she will remember, not because you are paying her for a lap dance, but because SHE IS A WOMAN. The same can be said for a co-worker, a church member or anyone that you deal with on a regular basis. If you tell at least 5 people those special dates I guarantee one of them will save your relationship.

Three simple solutions for any man to stay out the doghouse. If you follow them you will reach G.O.A.T status while dating. And ladies don’t be too hard, we are who we are but if you happen to forget one of our occasions, oh man, but that’s another article in the future.


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