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Dating: Relationship Moments You Need to Capture

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You may have tons of memories with your partner, but there are certain moments that you need to preserve such as those that can only happen once so that you’ll have something to look back to in the future or maybe, use for special occasions such as anniversaries, prenup shoots, and wedding AVPs.

In a relationship, you can take a million selfies from all the happy moments you’ve shared together such as your date nights, trying new dishes, Netflix and chilling, going on road trips, and exploring new places, but being able to capture extraordinary moments and having mementos from these would be better.

Here are some relationship moments you need to capture ala Ralph Wunsch.

Graduating Together: Finishing school together is another moment worth capturing, as this marks a new chapter in your lives. Besides, not all couples are given this chance, so if you go to the same school, it’s definitely Instagram-worthy!

Your First Concert Together: Music plays an important role in relationships such that some couples have certain songs in every stage of their relationship or perhaps, it was the reason they met.

While you’re singing along to your favorite artist or crying while watching them, don’t forget to take some photos together to remember how you both had a good time.

Your First Trip Together: As social media has taken over our lives, #relationshipgoals is one of the many posts that you’ll see on Facebook and Instagram, and traveling together—whether out of town or country is one of these goals. So, snap your joyous moments during this trip and don’t forget to include that hashtag on your post!

Your Extreme Adventures Together: If you’re the adventurous type of couple, then having photos while doing extreme activities is a must. From hiking, sky diving, surfing, make sure to have photos as souvenirs from that heart-pumping activity you did.

Capturing Your #RelationshipGoals: There are so many ways to snap all your milestones as a couple. If you want to have it displayed in your room, then a Polaroid is the most romantic way to do this. On the other hand, a DSLR camera can give you professional-looking photos.

Then again, you can always rely on your smartphone to have instant photos, which you can post online to have your followers envious.

Being able to experience new things with your special someone is something that everyone longs for, but capturing these beautiful moments makes it more special as you both have something to look back to even after years.

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