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Health and Fitness Guide for Every Busy Millennial

Everyone’s bound to face the challenge of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle at some point in their lives. On top of one’s responsibilities, the daily inconveniences like traffic, cramped commutes, and long wait lines for goods and services do take its toll on health and fitness. Millennials are no strangers to the dark shadow of their weights—yes, pun intended. In fact, millennials are more health-conscious compared to previous generations.
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9 Essential Black Friday Tips for Everyone

Ah, Black Friday… it’s that time of the year when both seasoned and novice shoppers alike roll up their sleeves and get ready to enter the battlefield of what’s known as America’s quintessential shopping holiday. The infamous sale has been around for decades, and before online shops were a thing, it used to mean braving heavy traffic, lining up for hours, going through massive crowds, and fighting for the items
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Building a Remote Startup Team: Things to Know

Launching your own startup takes courage and a whole lot of determination, persistence, and hard work. Your planning must be impeccable and you should finance resources for your business well. Startups are foreseen to change the face of technology and business. However, you must know that the world of start-ups is not an easy one, as over 90% of start-up businesses fail. Keep in mind that your idea may look
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Seven Habits That Can Maintain Your 20/20 Vision

Everyone dreams of having 20/20 vision, but maintaining it is another matter. As we grow older, we become more prone to developing a variety of eye problems that can visually impair us. But as long as we take good care of our eyes, it’s possible to maintain our perfect vision. All it takes is a few changes to our daily routine and diet. Not sure how to get started? Here
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Startup Business Investments Around the World

Startups have completely taken over the world. In all corners of the globe, you’ll notice different types of startups. According to Small Business Trends, 69% of the businesses in the US alone are startups or small businesses. Are you planning to launch a startup soon? Below is a list of the startup business investments around the world:   Lifestyle Startups Entrepreneurs who would like to make a business out of their
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Pros and Cons of Turning All Your Blogs into Vlogs

As audiences began to appreciate videos as a way to showcase talent, convey opinions and ideas, or demonstrate a lifestyle, more internet users and YouTube enthusiasts have turned to vlogs to make a name for themselves. Today, over 300 hours of video content are being uploaded on YouTube every minute, each from different genres such as beauty, technology, travel, lifestyle, pets, and even digital marketing. What’s a Vlog? It all started
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Beginners Guide to Face Moisturizer and Serum!

There’s a certain glow to a clean and healthy skin, which is the fancy of anyone who wants to improve their self-image. Proper skin care can make you feel more confident about yourself and about interacting with others. However, there is no way you could achieve a fresh-looking skin overnight. What you need to do is to develop personal care habits including the application of moisturizer and serum on your
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5 Surefire Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out!

Competition is fiercer than ever before between old and new brands as they fight for a huge share of the consumer pie. This has led to a retail climate where even signature brands have a hard time differentiating themselves from their rivals, more so with the new players that aim to build their own identity. It may be tough to stand out, but it’s not impossible to achieve. Crafting a

6 Beauty Essentials for A Natural Look All Day

It’s the high time for makeups once again. And one of the most popular looks is the no makeup, natural ensemble. While it doesn’t make sense at first, this is what girls usually go for because of its simplicity and convenience. However, keep in mind that a winning natural look also needs a strong natural “look,” which means that your skin and face should be kept in a healthy state. To pull
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6 Advantages of Offshore Setups to Your Business

You’re probably privy to the term “offshore” but to put things in proper context, offshore basically means being located beyond one’s national boundaries. Setting up an offshore company is a strategic way of expanding one’s business operations internationally. Another common reason that companies go offshore is that it allows them to take advantage of laws that are not available in their original jurisdiction, but offered by foreign countries where they