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Dating & Relationships: Conservatives & Republicans Finding Love

When it comes to conservatives & Republicans finding love online, you may notice that on many popular and newer dating sites there is slim pickings when it comes to being able to find a good quality match that doesn’t share the same political views, or even conservative views as you. Not only that, but in today’s society, many dating sites that are newer are geared towards younger people who have more liberal and Democratic values, religious preferences, and so much more.

In this guide, we’ll give you a few pointers in order to help you find love.

Old Sites or New?

Many of the newer sites lean more towards younger people, who tend to most often have liberal values and life practices. From schools, what they’re looking for in a relationship and more, it’s not the same type of generation as it used to be. Therefore, modern dating sites are catered towards them. If you’re wanting to find more conservatives and Republicans, your best bet is to use some of those “paid veteran” dating sites out there and of course though you can often sign up for free, you want to pay for the premium memberships and services to insure not only more security, but that you get more customizable features to help you find that special someone.

The Best of the Best

Here’s a few of the best websites out there to this day, and they are some of the industry’s leading websites. Most people, even the younger generations have heard of these websites through advertising on radio, online, and even television, but many of them don’t and wouldn’t use these sites as there are more conservative people on there than liberals.

1. Match.comOne of the oldest and more dominating websites on the dating site platform. They’ve spent years perfecting their algorithms. You have multiple options, and can use it to find a partner for the short term or the long haul.

2. EliteSingles.com Though this website is generally for people who are middle-aged, most of these people already have their lives in order. Not only that, but there are people who are more conservative than most on here and most of the people have a degree and career set already.

3. eHarmony.com – E-Harmony is one of the industry’s leading websites out there when it comes to people finding their soulmates. You can use their advanced search features, and have multiple filters to find that right someone for you. They give you a little more freedom, and you can build long-lasting solid friendships and relationships on this website. They also are super secure and do everything possible in order to protect your information.


Though online dating is more geared towards liberals and Democrats, there are options out there to find someone with the same conservative values as you. A lot of these instant messaging apps out there today are also geared towards the younger, more liberal people, so you may not have much luck finding that right someone for you. Your best bet is to stick to what you know with conservative dating. That’s what makes you conservative in the first place, right?

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