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Business: The Best Team-Building Activities For Adults

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Team building activities are designed to get groups of people working together in unique and fun ways that challenge them as a group and encourage them to get to know each other better.

They can help to reveal each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, such as establishing who is a natural leader and what people make good decisions under pressure, and this can be invaluable when taken back to the office environment.

But what are the best team building activities for adults?

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are the current activity of choice for friends and stag/hen parties but also work brilliantly for corporate team building days. The activity involves locking a group of people in a room filled with clues and giving them a fixed amount of time to try to break out of the room by figuring out the clues. Each one leads you to a new clue which eventually, if successful, will result in the team finding a code to unlock the door, enabling to escape the room.

It has all the key ingredients of a good team building activity for adults as it involves teamwork, critical thinking, trust and most importantly – fun. And don’t worry, if your team doesn’t crack the code, you will still be released from the room!

Survival Class

What better way to inspire team building than relying on your team members as a matter of life and death?

A survival class is an outdoor, doomsday prepper style activity which throws the group in at the deep end. The activity can include various tasks such as having to start a fire with the use of only a couple of sticks, setting up a camp with no materials other than nature or trying to complete a difficult hike without a map.

It is a challenging atmosphere that will bring the best out of the group and force them to confront arduous and uncomfortable situations. It’s not for the faint hearted but the right group of people with take a great deal away from the day.

Casino Hire

If you’re less of a nature fan and instead prefer a little bit more luxury, a casino party hire could be what you’re looking for.

This involves hiring a casino and playing typical casino style games, such as; poker, blackjack and roulette. Teams can work together to win prizes or can compete against each other to see who is the best gambler of the group. It’s light hearted, energetic and offers a touch of extravagance, all whilst meeting the core requirement of a team building event which is to get everyone mixing and learning more about each other. The difference is this activity is so much fun it won’t feel like a team building activity at all.

Go Karts

Destined to bring out the competitive nature of anyone who steps onto the track, a go karting team building event works well for employers wanting to inspire fun rivalry amongst the group. It’s a great way to bring out hidden ambition in individuals and a sure fire way to determine who the most cut-throat players are!

Go kart tracks can usually be hired privately for an agreed time period to give the group the run of the place. It usually includes a brief safety video which must be watched by anyone intending to take part, and all drivers will have to wear safety gear – usually a boiler suit and helmet.

The activity will often involves several warm up laps before the real competition kicks in and if you’re lucky, you will find that the track has a winner’s podium for the top three performers. With everyone vying for first place, it’s guaranteed to be an exciting day.

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