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Dating & Relationships: How to Give Your Partner a Reason to Love You More

Living in a world where the expression “I love you” becomes clichéd, you need to find ways to prove that you do

You must have millions of thoughts circling in your head when you look at your partner. You may also run out of words to express your feelings to each other.

When relationships are consistent, you automatically assume that your partner is madly in love with you and don’t feel the need to be vocal about your feelings. Whether you got into a relationship only 2 months ago or you’ve been married for a decade, you shouldn’t be reluctant to shower your significant other with sweet words and compliments. After all, it only strengthens your bond.

Never adopt a neglectful attitude when it comes to expressing feelings for each other because in no time, this leads to a situation where you begin to wonder if your partner even values you. Here’s how you can give your partner a reason to love you more:

Make your Partner Feel Important and Special

Everyone loves to feel special and adored, but how you do this depends on the choice of your partner and yours.

You must have seen yourself getting caught up in exchanging ‘I love you’ casually while you enter your house, greet your partner or even when something great happens. This casual use of ‘I love yous’ has actually eroded its charm.

Rather than causally exchanging ‘I love you’, make your partner feel it. You can do this by showing them your love in many different ways. This would not only make your relationship stronger but would also make your better-half feel appreciated, special and worthy.

Motivate your Partner to Become a Better Person

You must know what your partner lacks – their flaws, mistakes, etc. Since you’re well aware of everything, why not help your partner grow, become better and improve. You can inspire them to reach their goals by teaching them something new and making them feel good about their self. This helps in boosting the confidence of your partner.

Sometimes, your partner won’t even realize that you’re teaching them something new but would feel it like magic. And isn’t it how chemistry works between two people? When your partner would feel the change – he/she would know that you and your love is the reason behind it.

Believe in your Partner

Things happen, but make sure you’re always there. In the highs and lows of life, you need to constantly support. This is just another way of showing love and affection for each other.

Never doubt on your partner rather aspire him/her to try and turn their dreams into reality. Everyone needs someone who loves and supports them consistently. When your partner realizes that you stood by their side despite what the world said about them, he/she will fall harder for you, which in turn will strengthen your relationship.

Never Impose Things

Space and breaks are very important in every relationship. Never ask your partner to do something only because the rest of the world is doing that.

It’s challenging to be out of your comfort zone, but when you’re around each other try to make most out of your time rather than lecturing each other about what needs to be done.

Make your partner feel free. Encourage them to spend time alone and explore their own individuality. When you start imposing and forcing things on your partner, she/he end up getting annoyed rather than loving you more.

Recollect Memories and Make Decisions Together

This is what works best in rough and tough times. Instead of arguing over and over again, remind each other of all the precious moments spent together. Make decisions together — whether it be choosing one out of the many affordable wedding venues in Singapore or deciding your romantic honeymoon in Cape Town. Your partner would also realize that you value your relationship more than just an ordinary argument. As a result, they’ll just end up loving you even more.

Get Along with Each Other

You can just go and hug your partner. A random hug helps in forgetting all the problems of life. Random gestures mean a lot and make you feel connected to each other immediately.

Many couples complain of not spending enough time with each other. Cuddling and hugging your better half is an escape from all the worries of your life.

Being there for each other is what matters the most – these small gestures of love and passion develop affectionate feelings in hearts.

Remind Them of Their Importance

Apart from making them feel special, make them know their worth. This would help them in chasing their dreams better and living a life that they wish for.

Keep reminding your partner you love her/him. It naturally feels good to be appreciated and wanted by someone. It feels amazing to realize that you’ve a cheerleader standing by your side always!

People say love gives you wings – well, it is true. You must have felt yourself to be more confident, stronger, in control when you’re facing the world. That’s just because of the moral support from your partner. So remember that just saying ‘I love you’ again and again casually won’t rekindle the fire of love. You need to adopt multiple ways to show it through your actions.

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