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Dating: The Reason Men Run Away When Things Start To Get Serious


January 19, 2019

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You finally meet someone who seems like he is the right person. You feel great when you’re with him and everything is going perfectly smooth. After all those unsuccessful romances and all failures in pursuing love, you finally feel like you found the special one. Everything is going on so well that makes you think that you met the one. And then, he disappears. Just like that. He is gone.

Either he will come and say he can’t do this with you anymore, or he will just fly away from your life. Sometimes he will come with the excuse that something is keeping him away from you. Or maybe he will tell you he is not ready for anything serious right now. No matter what he is saying, you know he is making a fool of you. And then he just turns away and leave. And you’re the one left with broken heart and no idea what to do. You need time to realize what happened to you. Your heart is beating so fast that you think it will go outside of your body.

And then you start to question yourself…what did you do wrong? Why did he go through the whole trouble of dating you when he was planning to leave you anyway? And here’s the answer: some guys are just not built to be in a serious relationships. They are only looking for fun. They are only interested in a short-term relationships and casual hookups. So it’s not your fault.  Your relationship was doomed from the very beginning. These guys are just looking to pass the time, they don’t even care about the emotional torture the girls will go through.

On the other hand there are also guys that are interested in serious relationship when they first start dating. But then controlled by the fear of commitment they might want to leave when they notice the things started to be really serious. So the best way is always to be on the same page with your partner.

When you start to date a guy, you need to let him know what you want and what you expect from the relationship. It happens way too often the girl and the guy to have completely different views of the relationship. She is planning the future with him, while he is thinking how to end the things with her. That’s why you need to be sure where his head and heart are at so you don’t end up being with the heart broken.

And if you want to blame someone or something, there’s only one word: FEAR! When it comes to dealing with feeling and emotions, men are real fearful creatures. They are afraid of the whole change that comes with love and relationships. Most of the men usually are accustomed to a certain way of living and they love it, so they aren’t ready to make any changes. They are afraid that they are not going to like the new way of life that comes with the serious relationship, so they choose to stay the same.

Also there are a lot of men afraid of commitment. They feel ready to commit to the career, to the new hobby and to the personal goals, but they don’t feel ready to commit to a single woman. Usually these men aren’t ready to tie themselves because they still want to go and explore. They feel like there are a lot of other things to be seen before to tie the knot.

In the end, there are also men who are afraid to get intimate. They are afraid of opening up to another person and becoming vulnerable in front of that person. They don’t feel comfortable to be weak for their women, so they would rather run away from the serious relationship.

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