David, Saperstein & Salomon PC has received an award for being one of the best places to work in New Jersey in 2019. The award, hosted by NJ.com, is designed to find the best workplaces in New Jersey. Nominations are determined by surveying employees anonymously across the United States and New Jersey.

Managed by consulting company Energage, more than 2.5 million employees were surveyed from 7,000 companies across the country. David, Saperstein & Salomon PC were one of just 25 companies to receive this prestigious award. Speaking in response to the announcement, Garry Salomon, managing partner for the law firm, said, “We get recognition and awards for the legal work we do, but this one is especially sweet because it comes from our employees.”

He went on to add, “It’s the best award we could get, to be recognized as a good place to work. We try to make it as pleasant as possible.”

David, Saperstein & Salomon PC are a small law firm based out of Teaneck. They have 90 employees dedicated to helping clients get the justice they deserve. You can click here to learn more about workers’ compensation attorneys.

Benefits and Pay Remain a Major Factor

The survey would go onto detail what New Jersey workers thought about both benefits and pay. These two major factors in satisfied employees continued to play a big role in the results. 52% of workers said they were happy with their fringe benefits, whereas 53% said they believed their pay was fair.

David, Saperstein & Salomon PC believe these two essentials help to attract the best talent and maintain a team that wants to work for the firm in the long haul. By making employees feel valued, it makes it less likely that they want to leave.

New Jersey Workers Happy with their Working Arrangements

NJ.com’s survey also revealed a number of pertinent points about what it’s like to work in New Jersey. With an unemployment rate of just 3.2%, the survey revealed that 64% of employees in the state were happy to stay where they were.

Furthermore, the survey revealed 72% of employees were happy with how their employers allowed them to balance their personal and professional lives. Bob Helbig of Energage said, “All in all, the workers surveyed thought New Jersey was a pretty cool place to work.

David, Saperstein & Salomon PC prides itself on allowing employees to feel wanted and to provide them with the flexible working arrangements they need to manage all aspects of their lives. Find out more about David, Saperstein & Salomon PC’s approach to business and Find out what their award meant to them click through here.

Lessons Can Be Learned

For the companies surveyed that didn’t receive recognition through NJ.com, there are important lessons to be learned. Employers who put themselves in the shoes of their employees and consider their needs are more likely to attract and retain the top talent.

However, there’s still more that can be done, and the recipients of this award are expected to continue their drive to make their businesses happy places to work.

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