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Denver Broncos: 3 bold predictions for 2016 season

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When it comes to the Denver Broncos, there is a lot to talk about these days. They are mired in a quarterback battle on a national level. One of their starting cornerbacks is in an investigation for shooting himself. There are also many doing predictions on how they will finish and what not. Here are three bold predictions in regards to the 2016 Denver Broncos.

They will miss the playoffs

The Denver Broncos may have the best defense in the league. However, their questions on offense are going into the season are going to hold them back. I am a firm believer in Trevor Siemian, but the simple fact that he has not thrown an NFL pass in a regular season game is going to be tough. This, along with, a more difficult schedule will end up biting the Broncos. The AFC is no longer the weak conference it once was. All these factors are going to play into the 2016 Denver Broncos not making the playoffs.

Mark Sanchez will end up as third-string quarterback

The youth movement in Denver will take center stage. We are seeing the second-year man, Trevor Siemian, take charge and probably win the starting job. If he should falter, look for Head Coach Gary Kubiak to make a move towards the future. He may make the move to rookie #1 pick, Paxton Lynch. Lynch has looked very impressive in the preseason. Yes, I understand that he is playing against 3s and 4s, but he is making plays and leading drives. If given a chance to play with the 1s he may shine. Look for the possibility of this later in the year.

Denver’s defense will suffer a huge blow

This defense is one of the best, if not the best, in the league. However, in 2016, they are testing their depth. They lost several starters from the 2015 team. Last year’s depth now has to start. Can they replace that depth from last year? Maybe, but will the caliber be the same? Losing a player that is high caliber and a leader can devastate a unit. I just get a strong feeling that 2016 will not be kind the Denver Broncos defense.

If the Denver Broncos are going to do good things this year they are going to have to catch some breaks. Sometimes it is better to be more lucky than good. It is tough to repeat in the NFL. It is even tougher when you have to gamble and take some risks.

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