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Denver Broncos: 3 keys to victory over the Chargers

2 weeks ago when the Denver Broncos played the San Diego Chargers it was all Chargers. They handled a Gary Kubiak missing Broncos team as if they were the defending champs. This week should be different. I do not see the Chargers having their way a second time. Here are my 3 keys to a Denver Broncos victory.

Book ’em Devontae

With CJ Anderson being placed on injured reserve the time is now for Devontae Booker to show his stuff. This kid is more than capable of handling the load. Gary Kubiak will lean heavily on this young rookie. Not only is going to be strong in the running game, he also has tremendous hands out of the backfield. He is the ultimate 3 down back. I expect him to run for 130 yards and have 2 TDs.

Cry me a Rivers

The Denver Broncos defense needs to make life a living hell for Chargers QB Philip Rivers. Defense Coordinator Wade Philips needs to pressure, pressure, and pressure his opposing QB. He had too much time 2 weeks ago and was able to hit his receivers at will. There needs to be an added emphasis of pressure this week at practice. If the Broncos are successful at doing that, then they should be successful on the scoreboard.


The Denver Broncos are killing themselves on successful drives with penalties. This is usually a non-issue with this football team. As of lately, they will have a successful play or drive that gets called back by a penalty. Seems that more often than not it is on the offensive line for holding. The Broncos, in order to be successful on Sunday afternoon, need to get the rectified. If they do not they are going to keep the Chargers in a game in which they shouldn’t be.

The Denver Broncos cannot look past this game. Next week they have a division leading game with the Oakland Raiders. Do not let this become a trap game. Maintain your focus and these things and you will dominate the Chargers. Then you can focus on the Raiders.

Robert D. Cobb
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