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Colin Kaepernick to the Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos Rumors: Is Colin Kaepernick still on John Elway’s Radar?

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People are talking about the possible landing spots for Colin Kaepernick. Will it be the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, or some other team? Maybe it could be some other team. There is one team that no one is even thinking about. The Denver Broncos. They may just still have some interest in signing the one-time franchise QB.

Let us not forget that it was just last year that John Elway explored the possibilities of bringing in the quarterback. However, they could not reach an agreement when it came to Kaepernick’s contract. They wanted Kaep to take a pay cut and, well, he did not want too. There could be a change in the latter given the recent events.

We are all privy to the Kaepernick kneel during the National Anthem in 2016. Right or wrong he has done it. It is now over and though many cannot look past it, it is done. The same should be said for NFL Owners. It is time to look past this event and look at the talent and help that this man can provide for your football team. After all, he has led a team to the Super Bowl.

The Denver Broncos had their own kneeling player. At the same time that Kaepernick was kneeling, so was Broncos LB Brandon Marshall. He was doing so to show support for his fellow player.

For his career, Kaepernick has a 60% pass completion rate. He also has a .483 winning percentage. Along with his 60% pass completion, Colin Kaepernick has thrown 72 TDs and only 30 INTs. All of these numbers well represent a player that is capable of playing the NFL.

Why the Denver Broncos? They already have two capable QBs? But do they really. Yes, I believe that Trevor Siemian is a serviceable QB. I think the 8-6 record that he had as a starter in 2016 was worth another look. But many say that he is struggling thus far in camp. The same can be said for Paxton Lynch.

The Broncos also selected QB Chad Kelly with the last pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. So what does that say about the value they have on their other two QBs. Kelly was expected to be one of the top QBs in the draft until he tore his ACL and lateral meniscus.

The Denver Broncos have the pieces in place to be a contender in the AFC. Not just the AFC West but the whole AFC. They just need consistency from the QB position. This is not a team that is rebuilding. This is a team that most certainly can win now.

This move may get backlash from fans. However, that will not be the true fans. The true fans will support the team no matter who the QB is. The true fan also wants to see its team be successful.

So while all of these other teams are being mentioned as landing spots for Colin Kaepernick let us not sleep on the Denver Broncos. They have once had interest and still may have interest now.

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