Deshaun Watson better Mitchell Trubisky
Mitchell Trubisky - Quarterback, Chicago Bears Deshaun Watson - Quarterback, Houston Texans

At the 2017 NFL Draft, we saw three quarterbacks taken in the first 12 picks. Mitchell Trubisky to the Bears, Patrick Mahomes II to the Kansas City Chiefs, and Deshaun Watson to the Houston Texans. While it is still too early to say how this QB class will do, I have a feeling that Deshaun Watson will end up being the big name to come out of this draft.

Patrick Mahomes probably won’t start this season for the Chiefs as they have Alex Smith. So that would end up leaving Trubisky and Watson. I know I have gone on the record to not wanting him with the Jets, but him going to the Houston Texans was the right move for him. The Texans have all the pieces to make a run at the New England Patriots. They have a great defense led by Brian Cushing, Jadeveon Clowney, and JJ Watt. They have the right pieces on offense with DeAndre Hopkins, Lamar Miller, and others.

Adding DeShaun Watson to the team will make the Texans a tough team in the AFC. Also, the Texans are in an easy division in the AFC South which helps a lot. Pretty much, there isn’t a lot of pressure on Watson. However, Mitchell Trubisky more than likely won’t succeed in Chicago. You have a team that has been bad for the last few seasons. In addition, they have gone through a ton of quarterbacks which doesn’t help.

Unlike the Texans who are in an easy AFC South, The Bears are in the NFC North and have Aaron Rodgers in their division. So, I think it is safe to say that Watson will end up being the big name to come out of this draft because of the team that drafted him. You can not say the same thing about Bears.

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