It appears that a popular Universal Studios Islands of Adventure attraction may be on its last legs.

Reports have surfaced that Dragon Challenge, the parks dueling B&M coaster, is in line to be removed for a different type of ride experience. Is this a smart move for Universal?

The Dragon Challenge coaster has been at Islands of Adventure since the parks opening in 1999. Originally called
Dueling Dragons, the coaster was known for its interaction between the two trains. Over the years, the coaster has become extremely rough and hardly ever duels. It’s a shell of its former self.

The Harry Potter themed areas of Universal Studios have brought in immense business for the park. It appears the Islands of Adventure side, which features the infamous Hogwarts Castle, could be looking to add another E-ticket attraction to the themed land.

The Islands of Adventure side of Harry Potter already features The Forbidden Journey and a kids coaster. That should make enough Harry Potter attractions on that side of the park. Another exclusive Potter ride isn’t needed. A big reason as to why Dragon Challenge shouldn’t leave.

Dragon Challenge should stay in some kind of capacity. With that being said, it does need to undergo a heavy makeover.

First, the track needs to be re-done. Similar to what the Hulk went through, Universal Studios needs to get some new B&M track on the coaster. Second, consider making the trains duel once again. It might have had its problems, but was a unique feature not many rides had.

It wasn’t long ago that Dueling Dragons ( Dragon Challenge ) was one of the most popular rides at Universal Studios. It’s time the park get the coaster some attention. Possibly restoring the coaster to its former glory.

Is it in the best interest of Universal Studios to remove the Dragon Challenge coaster?

Sure, it was innovative at the time, but now this coaster isn’t much of anything. It does give Universal Studios a healthy collection of coasters that include Hulk and Rip Ride Rockit. Although, Dragon Challenge is easily the worst of the bunch.

Dragon Challenge isn’t a bad coaster at all, it just needs a little TLC. I’m against removing the coaster unless you can get a new coaster to take its place. Something to consider is adding a flying coaster similar to what Universal Studios Japan features.

It’s understandable that Harry Potter is king when it comes to Islands of Adventure. Removing Dragon Challenge for a new Potter ride isn’t in the best interest of Universal Studios.

Put some money into the coaster. Give it a complete overhaul, make the trains duel, add fresh paint, get some new track, do whatever you need to do to keep this coaster around.

There is so much to love about this coaster. This doesn’t need to be the end of the Dragon Challenge. But with the way things are going, it appears the end is near.

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