Since Donald Trump had become the Republican Candidate, he is digging himself a deeper hole. He sees nothing wrong with the comments that he makes because he doesn’t see anything wrong with what he is saying. However, recently at a rally in North Carolina he made remarks that should be a sign to people that this man is not joking and is more of a danger to our nation. This is the same guy who said he would say such ludicrous statements like ban all Muslims, make our NATO allies pay to have us help them, date his daughter, Ivanka, if she wasn’t his daughter; and other stupid things that you should not say if you are applying for the biggest job in the country.

However, the comment he said at this rally in North Carolina is the worst of the worst. As he put it in a joking matter , “If Hilary Clinton wins the presidency in November, she should be assassinated.” He is someone who does not think before he speaks and just says what comes to his mind right away. I ask Republicans, when do you draw the line in the sand and stop supporting this guy who has no prior governmental experience. What does this guy have to do to make you realize he is not the right person to possibly be the 45th president.

To the people who are so much of a Trump supporter, while I understand you feel that Hilary Clinton is a crook, the one thing she has over Trump is she thinks before she speaks. Whether or not he was joking about that matter of wanting people to kill Clinton, you don’t joke about that stuff. One thing I have learned in my years of doing some sort of media work between college radio and journalism, there are certain areas you don’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

According to a political poll done by the New York Times, Hilary Clinton currently leads Donald Trump 46% to 39%. If you look at any polls, they all have Clinton in the lead. There are some people like Elizabeth Warren who have said that Donald Trump is acting the way he is because he is losing to a woman. I am starting to think she may be right if you look at Donald Trump’s antics over the last few weeks leading into the Republican National Convention and post-convention that are similar to a 5-year-old boy on the schoolyard who is getting upset that he is losing to the girls.

All I am going to say is this, I do not understand this love for Donald Trump anyway and he is not fit to be president. I understand the other party has its problems, but some hardcore Trump supporters think their party is roses and peddles. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have a leader who is basically internally destroying your party. So I ask you, Has Donald Trump crossed the line? Let us know in the comments below.