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Mangoes And Marijuana

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Marijuana is one of the most used “drugs” other than alcohol. Depending on where you live, depends on whether or not you can smoke it legally or illegally. In some states it’s legal for medical purposes and other states like Colorado, it’s legal for recreational use.

As a weed enthusiast, I’ve experimented with all sorts of ways to maximize the high and I came across one way of doing so and it tastes good!


Mangoes you say?

Oddly enough, if you eat a mango within an hour before smoking herb, it can drastically increase not only the speed it takes for the THC to enter the bloodstream but it can make the high much better and last much longer.

Mercenaries e terpenes, is the chemical compound found in mangoes, as well as lemongrass and certain other plants.

As mentioned above, it assists the chemical THC, by allowing it to pass through the Blood Brain Barrier at much faster speeds with much more efficiency. After inhalation, it takes roughly seven seconds for the effects to kick in. If you eat a mango an hour before, it can cut those seven seconds in half and hit you much harder. Some have even said that the euphoria lasts twice as long. Let’s just say I decided to try this out and well, it definitely works.

This is is great news, not only for the pot enthusiasts but the medical patients who could use this mango technique to help reap more benefits from their medical marijuana.

It’s no joke that weed can be used for medicinal purposes and as it becomes accepted/legalized across the nation, companies will slowly be able to do more research on this plant. The fact that it’s technically illegal on a federal level makes it difficult for scientists to do more tests on the plant.

Sure, many of us love to enjoy an evening toke or a wake and bake, but the truth is that it can help people who suffer from cancer, seizures, Alzheimer’s and other diseases/issues.

Who would’ve thought mangoes and marijuana would go so well together?

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