Do you want a well-defined jawline that will make you look slimmer? If it is then a jawline contouring treatment would be great for you. With the growing age, your face muscles become loose and they drop or sag around the jawline. Not only that, but some young aged people also have a soft jawline and wish to make it defined. For both cases, a jawline contouring treatment will give the best result.

Jawline contouring can be done in both surgical and non-surgical processes.

What is A Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring Treatment?

Non-surgical jawline contouring is a cosmetic procedure to examine and then correct the different jawline-related problems like a sagging jaw, fatty jaw, undefined jaw, etc. 

What are The Different Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring Treatments?

All the non-surgical jawline contouring procedures are very easy and there is no need to do anesthesia. The different treatments include dermal fillers, injectable fat reduction, PDO thread lifting, etc.

  1. Dermal filler: This is an injectable procedure where gel-type components are injected into the skin tissue around the jawline. The components may be Juvederm and Restylane. These gels will act as a simulator to produce hyaluronic acid or collagen. These will reduce the sagging or baggy skin of the jaw. The duration of each filler should be consulted with the cosmetology specialist, as time and quality of the skin and the brand of the fillers should be checked before you give them the amount.
  1. Injectable fat reduction: In this process, Kybella is injected into the jaw muscles. It will reduce the fat under the chin and the jaw will look more defined. This Kybella agent will also help in contouring the neck. This stays for long, and it is very good for those who belong to the entertainment industry or for corporate people.
  1. PDO thread lifting: This process includes dissolvable sutures to protrude into the skin that will rejuvenate the skin and the jawline will become sharp because the sagging skin will be lifted up.
  1. Injectable wrinkle relaxes: Here Botox is injected into the muscles of the jawline. Botox helps the muscles to stop sagging more and it also helps in reducing the size of the jaw. As a result, the jaw becomes sharp.
  1. Energy-based therapy: This is a radiofrequency treatment where with the help of a device the skin is gently massaged. So, it reduces fat, wrinkles, lines, and flaws. This also keeps your skin supple and heathy for a long time.

Longevity and Results of non-surgical jawline contouring:

Jawline contouring gives you a well-defined and sharp jaw that gives you a beautiful and confident look. Unlike surgical jawline contouring, these methods don’t last for a lifetime. Also, you have to maintain certain lifestyle rules if you want the result last longer. Some of them are

  • Sun exposure can make your skin loose and wrinkles will come. This will end up having a sagging jawline again. So, avoid sun exposure.
  • Another thing you can do if you need to get out under the sun is use sunscreen.
  • You must maintain a healthy diet plan because consuming fat will give you a negative result.
  • Regular exercise will also help to maintain the defined jawline.
  • Reduce taking alcohol and smoking. They are not good for the skin as well as health.
  • Do not carry so much weight that will pressurize your face muscle.
  • Get in touch with the doctor so that any changes can be noted and retreated.


Generally, if at a certain age you start facing problems with a sagging or a rugged jawline, lines, wrinkles, sagging skin in the chin area, double chin etc. then you should start consulting with the right jawline contouring expert, or a trained cosmologist.

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