Alcoholism is indeed a bad condition where a lot of people find themselves or their loved ones. If you or anyone of your close ones are facing this issue, then the best possible solution will be to find a good therapist for them. And this therapist is most likely to advise them to get in touch with an alcohol addiction treatment center.

However, not many of us are familiar with the types of treatments that are done at a rehab center, making us anxious when sending our loved ones there. So here is a brief overview of all the different types of therapy options that one might encounter at a rehab center.


This is one of the oldest therapy methods wherein patients and doctors engage themselves in meaningful conversations. In these sessions, patients often share their problems and what they experienced as an addict in their life. A trained therapist can easily formulate a mental health diagnosis that will help prescribe medications for the addict.

In the case of alcoholism, they talk to the patient about their cravings and motivate them to give up drinking. They also help them achieve sobriety goals over a span of weeks or even months. These conversations form the base for further treatment and development of solutions for a speedy recovery of the addict.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a method used by doctors and psychologists around the world for treating alcoholism. This involves identifying the negative thoughts in one’s mind that influence their behavior and thoughts. Therapy sessions in this stage are not meant for diagnosis but for invoking constructive actions in the addict’s mind. Constructive actions can be challenging harmful beliefs, role-playing to work on social interactions, facing fears, and working to make strategies that can help stop drinking.

Motivational Interviewing

As the name suggests, this session motivates an addict to give up their drinking habits. Furthermore, the therapist will set goals like 1 week without alcohol for the patients, which they are motivated to achieve. Such small steps eventually led to an addict completely quitting drinking. MI works on these four core principles.

  • Developing self-efficacy in patients
  • Forging discrepancy
  • Expressing empathy toward patients
  • Rolling with resistance during sessions

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditation is indeed good exercise that helps our mind, body, and soul. Therefore, it is useful in controlling one’s cravings and also helps one stay focused. Moreover, many rehab centers have curated separate courses for yoga and meditation. On the other hand, meditation can help one keep an open and calm mind which will help them control themselves against alcohol. These sessions, coupled with some supplementary activities, can have a great impact on the addict’s mind.

Art And Music Therapy

Art and music help us invoke our creative selves and also keeps our mind relaxed. And this is one of the reasons why they are successful in making the recovery of a patient faster. One might think that these sessions will include just painting pictures and listening to music, but it is way more than that. Art and music therapy are solely designed for people to express themselves freely and to make them occupied with a positive activity. Studies have shown that listening to a particular type of music can counter mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and even alcoholism.

In addition to it, it also enables patients to express themselves more freely as some of them hesitate to talk about everything in the talk sessions. We have seen how motivation can treat alcoholism, and music just does the same thing. It motivates them to free themselves of this condition and lead a new life. Artistic activities are close to a person’s core, making them a powerful practice in countering alcoholism.

Apart from all these practices, other practices can also help cure alcoholism. 12-step facilitation is a group therapy session where people sit in a group and discuss their problems with each other. Dialectical behavioral therapy is also a famous method that therapists use in their talk sessions. All of these therapies can be found at a good alcohol addiction treatment center, so if you are looking for one, check out the types of therapies they offer.



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