The gaming industry is growing in leaps as it has become one of the most lucrative businesses across the globe. Apart from the thrill and fun, casinos are quite rewarding with incredible cash payouts. To become a professional in the industry, having extensive knowledge of the business is of paramount importance. Whether you are a player or an online casino operator, you need to familiarize yourself with the common casino terms and jargon.

Although there are many terms, we have compiled a list of some of the common terminologies you might come across.


An organization or a person who is paid specifically for convincing people to sign up at an online casino.


The total amount of cash that a player sets aside for gambling, whether it is for sports betting, card games, slots or other casino games.

Betting Limit

The minimum or maximum amount that a player can stake on a particular gaming session.


These are extra cash rewards or prizes that players receive for playing particular games or for achieving a higher level.


It is a digital currency that modern online casinos permit for gambling. Players can use the currency to unlock game features or for playing the casino games. You can also exchange the concurrency for real money. A popular example is the Bitcoin, which has substantial value.

Casino tournament

A collection of games in a particular online casino which allows participants from across the globe. Usually, the winner receives a big prize making the tournaments popular since they are global events with massive followers.

Free Spins

These are bonus features awarded to players as welcome bonuses, in between the slot games or in casino campaigns to extend the thrill of playing.

House Edge

It is also known as the house advantage. It occurs when the casino has a high possibility of winning in the odds and calculations. Usually, the developers design the games to give the casino a higher advantage. However, gambling is a game of chance since no one knows the results.

High roller

A gambler who has years of experience in the gaming industry and enjoys staking large amounts of cash for high returns. High rollers are risk-takers and enjoy the thrill of gambling.


The highest amount of cash reward that players receive after winning a particular game. They can either be progressive or fixed jackpots. Progressive jackpots increase gradually since it relies on contributions from players, while fixed has a set amount of cash reward.

Payment methods

These are the options that players use to make deposits or withdrawals at online casinos. Popular methods include the Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets, credit or debit cards, to name a few.


The probability of a particular outcome that a player can either win or lose depending on the bet they make.

Return to Player percentage (RTP)

It is also known as the payout percentage, which is the total amount players expect to receive as winnings in relation to the stakes. The standard RTP of most games is 95% and above.

Software provider

A company that develops and supplies online casinos with game portfolios. An online casino with more providers has an extensive collection of games to offer the players. Popular software providers are NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution, Playtech, among other big names.

Wagering requirements

The terms and conditions online casinos impose on players before they can place a stake on a particular game.

Welcome bonus

It is a feature that aims to attract new players into signing up in an online casino. The offers include a 50-200% match bonus on the deposit, free spins or free gameplay with rewards that you can claim after opening an account.


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