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Doctor Frank Roach Views on Treatments for Tooth Decay

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If you think that you have tooth decay, then please don’t try to use home remedies here and go straight to your dentist. Problems such as tooth decay or cavities cannot be solved at home.

Tooth decay is a damaged area in your teeth which can then lead to developing tiny holes in your tooth which are called cavities. Tooth decay can be caused due to bacteria, snacking, drinking sugaring drinks, or eating sugary items and poor teeth cleaning.

Dr. Frank Roach says that sometimes there might not be any symptoms of tooth decay which you can notice. But then cavities might develop in your teeth and the untreated cavities can lead to toothache, infection in your teeth, and tooth loss.


Dentists detect tooth decay in the following ways.

  • They ask you about your tooth pain and sensitivity which you might have been feeling.
  • They would examine your mouth and teeth, to check if you show signs of tooth decay or have any cavities.
  • They then use their dental instruments to check for soft areas around in your mouth.
  • They might even get an X-ray of your teeth through which they can know the extent of your cavities and tooth decay.

So, if you are having toothache or feeling sensitivity around in your teeth then you should go to the dentist and check it out. To prevent tooth decay, you should go to the dentist regularly, so that if tooth decay is caught in the early stages of pre-cavity, it can be treated.


As mentioned before, visit your dentist regularly so they can identify your cavities and other dental conditions before they can cause troubling symptoms and can lead to more serious problems. The sooner you seek the help of your dentist, the better will be your chances of reversing the earliest stages of tooth decay and the prevention of its progression.

Therefore, if your cavity can be treated before it starts causing you pain, then you probably won’t need extensive treatment for it. The treatment depends upon the severity of your tooth condition.

Some of the treatment options of tooth decay or cavity are as follows:

  • Fluoride treatments: if you are in the beginning stages of the cavity formation then a fluoride treatment may help restore the tooth’s enamel and can sometimes reverse a cavity in the early stages. These professional fluoride treatments contain more fluoride than the amount found in tap water, toothpaste, and mouth rinses. These treatments may be liquid, gel, foam, or varnish that’s brushed onto your teeth or can be placed in a small tray that fits over your teeth.
  • Fillings: Fillings which are also known as restorations, are considered to be the main treatment option when the decay of tooth has progressed beyond the earliest stage. The fillings are made which materials such as porcelain, tooth-colored composite resins, or dental amalgam.
  • Crowns: if you have extensive decay or weakened teeth then you might need a crown. A crown is a custom-fitted covering that replaces your tooth’s entire natural crown. The dentist drills away all the decayed area around your tooth and enough of the rest of your tooth to ensure that the crown is of a good fit. These crowns are made of resin, porcelain fused to metal, gold, high strength porcelain, or other materials.
  • Root canals: When the tooth decay reaches the inner material of your tooth, then you need a root canal. The root canal treatment not only repairs but also saves a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. They removed the tooth pulp and the pulp is replaced with filling. Dentists put medication into the root canal to clear any kind of infection.
  • Tooth extractions: sometimes your tooth becomes severely damaged beyond repair, which cannot be restored, so it has to be removed. Having a tooth pulled out can leave a gap in-between your teeth. You can fill the gap by getting a bridge or a dental implant to replace the tooth.

In this way, tooth decay is diagnosed and treated by the dentist. A reminder to visit your dentist regularly to prevent tooth decay and cavities.


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