Who has your vote, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Don’t be afraid, everyone has their favorites. Maybe your candidate is neither of the two but let’s be honest here your pick will likely come down to either Trump or Clinton come election time. As I have stated before I am not an advocate for either party but I have watched some of the most outlandish back-tracking, finger-pointing and outrageous loyalty in the history of politics for the past few months.

Remember this? “You’re fired”. Trump’s TV show The Apprentice would easily pull in 10 million+ viewers nightly and you will be lying if you said you never watched it. How many dreamed of staying at the luxurious Trump Towers while on vacation or seeing a heavyweight fight in one of his many hotels? Trump was the blueprint for every business person, either white or black as he had has hand in almost everything there was to make money. He was mentioned countless times in hip hop lyrics but as he runs for president Americans have forgotten that they were once standing behind or admiring this man for what he was but not fully knowing who he was.

Remember this? “I would love to have the Clinton’s back in office. Hillary will be the first female President if she was to run”. Oh man, when Bill’s run in office was over everyone and their momma was ready to elect Hillary. She was praised for standing by Bill when he was impeached, yet women secretly wished she would leave him and stand on her own two feet and give women what they wanted. When Obama was looking for a running mate the fingers were pointed in her direction but when he refused to put her on the ballot America lost their damn mind. I guess he knew what we’re all finding out now.

Their political beliefs are polar opposites but what it will come down to is whose bull crap do you believe the most? War on drugs, please, it’s the government that brings it in any way so when they say they will put the hammer down I just want to thrown a key of coke in their face and tell them to shut up. The abortion debate. Like Trump ever stood a chance with this one. Those are just a few examples of the choices we have to ponder before we make our decision.

This was not a do you believe his or her article, it’s a reminder of the choices that we once made that we may come to regret. America stood by both candidates for different reasons. Maybe we thought they would never make a serious run for the White House in their future, or maybe we were entertained by their sheer existence. Trump was what every man wanted to be, successful and powerful while Hillary was a woman’s desire, intelligent and canny.

When it’s time to make that official vote please take into account that we applauded Trump for his business decisions just as much as we applauded Clinton for her strength. We all have skeletons in our closets, may say some outlandish things and promise to do the impossible and fall short but isn’t that what makes this country so great in the first place?

This is not an electoral race, this is the people’s choice election. We wanted this, ask for it and received it. The 2016 Presidential Race slogan should say “Be careful what you ask for”.