Your First Time with a Prague Escort

The first time with a Prague escort can be nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be.

Choosing to book with a Prague escort for the first time can be an exciting experience. Knowing how to prepare can help you avoid some of the pre date jitters. We’ve compiled a helpful go to list of what to do when it’s your first time with a Prague escort.

First Time Prague Escorts: How to Book 

Your own interests and desires will help guide you on which Prague escort you will book.

Agency or Independent

Largely, there are two options for first time clients. Agency Prague escorts and Independent Prague escorts. Agency escorts are a great idea for anyone who is new to booking Prague escorts. An agency can help walk you through the whole process, and will also help you select the right girl. Independent escorts require much more research before booking.

Independent escorts often come a little cheaper, as they don’t require agency fees, but also have less accountability to deliver on promises and services.  

Choosing Your Prague Escorts

Most agencies will help you narrow down your search based on the preferences that you give them. Independent escorts are a bit more difficult. Once you’ve chosen a possible candidate, you will then correspond with them. Let them know what you’re looking for and some ideas on how you would like the date to go. Professional Prague escorts will listen to what you have to say and help you with any questions.

If you’ve found an escort that you like, make sure to check message boards or escort forum and read any reviews they may have.

First Time Prague Escorts: Where to Go

Depending on what experience you’re looking for and how much time you’re able to book, your time with Prague escorts may include activities outside of the bedroom.

Incall or Outcall

Choosing an outcall or an incall will generally happen at the time of booking. An outcall is when you meet the escort and a location you both agree on. A bar, restaurant, or even your hotel room.  

An incall is when you meet your escort at a location of her choosing, usually her own flat. Depending on the preferences of your escort and your own, will help you decide which location is best.

Dinner or a Bar

Dinner at a nice restaurant is always a great way to break the ice. Avoid places like buffets, or anywhere you’ll be eating a large, stodgy meal. Drinks and appetizers are a great way to start the date off right, or maybe just coffee and dessert.

Meeting any one of Prague escorts at a bar can seem like a good idea, but remember that it’s never a great idea to put yourself in a position where you might accidentally drink too much. A cocktail to calm the nerves is just fine, but many more than that can breed disaster.

First Time Prague Escorts: How to Dress

While it may seem like a bit of a “no brainer” it’s incredibly important to keep these things in mind.


Showers, clean teeth and fresh breath, and even a bit of manscaping go a long way. Many Prague escorts will ask you to shower before becoming intimate. This is perfectly normal and not a commentary on your existing hygiene. They do it for your safety and their own. It’s also something that they ask of every client, so don’t be offended or feel singled out.


How you dress for a date with Prague escorts shouldn’t be any different from how you dress for any other date. A suit, or nice blazer are great choices. Throw in a vest or waistcoat to prolong a sexy striptease. If you plan on taking her out, be mindful of any dress codes that clubs or restaurants may have.


First Time Prague Escorts: How to Act

Remember that you are a gentleman and she is a lady.

When you first meet

Just like any other girl, compliment her on her looks. Open doors, pull out chairs, and always ask if you’re unsure of what to do. Chivalry is important and you should always take care to treat Prague escorts with the respect they deserve. After all, they are there to take care of you! It’s also nice to bring a small gift, like a bottle of wine or flowers.

During your private time

It’s really important to be aware of how much time you have to spend with your escort. Generally, the “clock” start at the agreed upon time, or when your escort arrives. Punctuality is incredibly important, and it’s rare that an escort will be able to extend your time past what has already been agreed upon. As a first timer, it’s definitely a good idea to book at least a couple of hours. This way you’ll have time to get comfortable with the whole experience.

When the date is over

Be sure and thank her for her time. If you had a great experience, let her know. It’s perfectly acceptable to tip Prague escorts if you feel like it is warranted, if not, a simple “thank you” is more than enough. Some clients go the extra mile with having a parting gift prepared, should she do a great job! Some girls will have wish lists attached to their provider website. These are a great way to show her that you are paying attention to her needs, as well as appreciate the experience!

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  1. I really appreciate Denise Mitchell so much! To share this amazing peace of information about Prague Escorts. I have never hired an escort girl before but thank you for sharing your go to list for first time visitors.

  2. Being a shy person myself, I can imagine how nervous people might feel before they hire escort girls, so Independent escorts looks good for us. Can you please tell me: are you allowed to take a girl outside for parties?

  3. How much would an outcall go for if I called her to my own flat? Furthermore, is the outcall legal for me and the escort girl. Can they accept to discuss arrangements over the phone?

  4. If it is your first time with a Prague Escort, I suggest going to one of the dedicated places. I think that´s the only place where you can rely on them. Without any scammy aspects of strip clubs, plus you get to meet the girl beforehand.

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