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The Power of Signage for Building Your Brand

If you are planning to launch a startup or already running a business, one of the ways of bringing your business to the next level is with the power of signage. Today, most company owners neglect traditional marketing means and focus strictly on digital advertising. However, this is a mistake. As search engine optimization can boost your visibility, a well-designed and creative business sign can make a significant difference when it comes to visibility and exposure. As a business owner, you are definitely aware of the importance for a company to stand apart from their competitors. Custom made signage such as the one created by ShieldCo Art, can help your business build authority and engagement.

Benefits of Having a Business Sign

Advertising signs whether they are located indoor or outdoor serve as a silent salesperson and are actually a link between your customers and your business. Sings are valuable assets that provide many benefits. For example, interior signage gives customers the information they need to make a purchase decision. Outdoor signs are a great and cost-effective way to attract local customers, increase your visibility and make your brand recognizable. Signage is a particularly important advertising strategy for local companies and retail shops.

How to Create an Effective Advertising Sign?

Many company owners have outdoor or indoor signage but don’t pay attention to the effectiveness of their signage. Due to this, many signs seem generic and lack branding elements. The purpose of a business sign is to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd and that people notice it. There are a few basic principles you should stick to for ensuring your advertising efforts are effective.

For example, you need to have an exact location of your sign in mind. People should be able to clearly observe it and read information written on it. A good business sign should inform people who you are and what you offer. You must have a clear message that is brief, yet concise. Keep in mind that a prospective customer only has a few seconds to take a look at your sign, so make sure the message comes across the reader in a swift yet exact manner.

It is also essential to define the colors of your signage and choose the ones that accurately present your business and the colors of your brand. It’s never good to use bright colors and big fonts. Although people will see the sign better that way, it potentially won’t leave a good impression. The colors, font, and content of your sign should be appropriate with the objectives of your business.

A lot of entrepreneurs forget to update their signs. If you had a sign for a long time, think about making a change and updating it according to the new marketing trends. Outdoor signage that has noticeable signs of deterioration, outdated style, and motto and similar seems rather unprofessional. Your signage must be regularly updated if you want for your business to stay recognized.

Including your business signs in advertising your business is so vital that it may mean the difference between success and failure. If you have troubles coming up with effective signage solutions yourself, you should consider hiring a reputable sign company to take care of all advertising components such as content, visual appearance, location, size, and similar for you.

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