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Don’t Just Settle for All-White: 5 Kitchen Island Colors for Your White Kitchen

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Simplicity is beauty. For sure, you can give this attribute to white kitchens. White kitchens are without any pretensions in their array of white kitchen cabinets, milky walls, and shimmering countertops. However, sometimes white can also look dull, especially if you fail to add another color to it.

It’s a thumbs down in modern kitchen design if you make your kitchen all white. That’s why it’s essential that you provide it with another color that makes it stand out. You can do this, for instance, on your kitchen island.

For your kitchen renovation, here are some colors of kitchen islands that will transform your white kitchen into a room of awesomeness.

Yellow Kitchen Island

It can sometimes be challenging to select a bright color for your kitchen island, especially if you have a white kitchen. However, a yellow kitchen island that blends perfectly with white should be among your options. This combination will make your white kitchen attain a radiant character.

A yellow kitchen island in a white kitchen can also be added with elements such as kitchen cabinets with glasses or wood kitchen table.

Sophisticated Black Kitchen Island

Uniqueness and sophistication. That’s what your white kitchen can achieve if you choose black color for the kitchen island. A black element in a white kitchen can steer your kitchen away from being too traditional and gives it a modern appeal through black’s depth and glamour.

So, if you want your kitchen to attain a sophisticated look, you should try now the black and white color combination for your next kitchen renovation.

Crimson Kitchen Island

A crimson kitchen island in a white kitchen will surely make your kitchen a center of attraction in your home. It’s because the crimson color has the quality that can perfectly contrast to the simplicity of white. It doesn’t overpower the primary color of the kitchen but provides it with the right balance.

You can also add a touch of crimson to the kitchen sideboards or the kitchen curtains if you want to make it more interesting.

Wood-Toned Kitchen Island

If you want to create a kind of warm ambiance to your white kitchen, it’s advisable to go for a wood-toned kitchen island. The good thing with a wooden kitchen island is that you won’t have to buy paint anymore. It can also provide your modern white kitchen with natural elements and a classy character.

As you can find several colors of wood, you should see to it that you select the ideal color that can fit perfectly with your kitchen decor.

Purple Kitchen Island

There are advantages to an all-white kitchen. For instance, it can provide brightness to your kitchen area, and this color scheme can, in turn, make this area appear to look clean and spacious. But, as I mentioned previously, a kitchen that’s drowned in whiteness can create a lack of variety after some time.

For you to add some character to your white kitchen, you should paint the kitchen island purple. Purple is a fun and classy color, and it’s the perfect one to transform your white kitchen into something attractive. If you want a purple kitchen island, you can reach out to companies like home improvements melbourne for that purpose.


Don’t content yourself with an all-white kitchen. Although it has some advantages such as making the area look spacious, it can turn into something dull after some time. Thus, you should look for ways how to make it more interesting. You should paint the kitchen island in another color.

There are several colors for your kitchen island that can blend in with the simple beauty of a white kitchen. The article above will give you some ideas on how to achieve just that.

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