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Summer is almost here! Weekend getaways and family road trips are staples of the summer season. Sunny days and warm temperatures during the summer season suggest that it is the ideal conditions for travel.

However, the summer season is more dangerous than winter season because it corresponds with school being out, which means there is an inrush of inexperienced drivers. Also, summer road trips cause more congestion, more drivers are on vacation and are unfamiliar with the roads, and most famous travel destinations face great traffic jams. Before hitting the road, make sure you are prepared by taking driving school and lessons Pakenham. You have to know the do’s and don’ts in driving first together with the rules and regulations in the city to avoid breaking the traffic rules and accidents.

Summer’s warm weather can produce additional dangers during road trips in summer. The high temperatures of summer made it a typical time for constructing roads, raises the number of bikers and cyclists on the road, affects the extending of air pressure in tires which might lead to tire blowouts, and places the vehicle’s engine at danger due to overheating during long travels.

Here are some tips that can help prevent all possible dangers when behind the wheel this coming summer.

Prepare the vehicle

Before heading out for vacation, it is important to make sure that everything is working properly. Replacing or repairing worn parts is necessary to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs that could also ruin the trip. All lights should function properly including signal lights. Tire pressures and fluid levels should also be appropriate.

Keep everyone safe

Another important thing to bear in mind is to always buckle up. Everyone inside the car should wear seat belts all the time. Buckling up is an essential thing to do to keep everyone safe while on the road.

If traveling with little kids, it is necessary to make regular stops and to bring a lot of things to keep them busy. 

Beat the heat

Summer’s heat and humidity can create a greater risk of dehydration, so it is important to keep bottled water on hand for everyone. Before heading out for a long trip, it is necessary to check the air conditioner’s Freon level so that everyone can ride comfortably.

Share the road

Due to warm weather, there is a significant prevalence of vulnerable road users. Motorists should be careful of pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists. Always yield and be on the lookout for vulnerable road users. Be prepared to slow down and stop in construction zones, since summer brings increased construction on the highways and roads.

Be mindful of other tourists

The United States has numerous famous summertime destinations, that’s why there will be a lot of out of town visitors who are unfamiliar with the locations and traffic patterns. Some drivers might get lost, which results in their unpredictable driving. For locals, it is much better to drive defensively, more particularly in high congested tourist sites.


Summer is perfect for spending time with the family, having fun, and planning for a vacation. It also means more drivers on the road, and there will be chances of getting involved in an auto accident. The effects can be devastating, such as permanent injuries, loss of employment due to an accident, even fatality. Following some simple tips  and absorbing the knowledge from driving school and lessons Pakenham can help people safely arrive and return from their vacation.

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