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Easily Convert JPG to Word Using OCR Software

Converting a JPG file has never been easy. Often, you will encounter a JPG file format whose information is needed in a word document. You have to undergo the immense process of typing out the information contained in the image file in a word processor or play around with the numerous volumes of software available online to see which one can help you. This may end up consuming a considerable amount of your time that you may have used to conduct another important task.

Currently, there are numerous and different type of software available online that can easily help you to convert your JPG files to word document. Personally, I have encountered several such software whenever I need to convert my image files to word document. All of them seem to be working pretty well, but each one of them has got their own flaws. Recently I learned about a JPG to Word Converter that did an excellent job for me. It provided more than the standard OCR software. This software has several features and numerous benefits that I decided to share with you.

Easily Convert JPG to Word Using OCR Software

You can download the software by visiting this link http://products.softsolutionslimited.com/jpg-to-word/ or from the company’s website http://products.softsolutionslimited.com

The Key Benefits and Features of the Software are:

The software is capable of auto-detecting and auto-correcting of orientation, tilt, skew and even rotation in all images and file formats.

Apart from incorporating auto-detection and correction, the JPG to Word Converter accurately preserves tables, text, graphics and even the layout of single and multi-page documents. You get amazing results with this feature. You do not have to worry about the side effects of converting your 100-page document.

The JPG to Word Converter supports all the image file formats such as PNG, JPG, TIF, BMP as well as all the document file formats. The software offers over seven types of output format including PDF, Text-only, DOC, HTML, and even the searchable format.

The software has the ability to recognize text from scanned documents, PDF file or images. The text is then transformed into a doc, word, HTML, text or searchable file format.

PDF file or images

It offers excellent security for your document, including the security protection and the watermark feature. If you do not want anyone to illegally distribute your document, then you can easily watermark it or prevent other people from accessing it by encrypting it with a unique password. This helped me a great deal in ensuring that no one makes a copy of my document without my consent.

The JPG to Word Converter support over 40 languages. You can easily select your preferred language without much hustle. As if that is not enough, the JPG to Word Converter has the ability to convert all images, PDF and even text from scanned documents in any of the supporting documents back to the original language. You have got a full translator embedded within the software. Some of the languages supported include English UK and the US, Greek, French, German, and Catalan among others.

Although a lot of software exists online that can help you convert your image files to word documents, I recommend that you try this JPG to Word Converter to see how good it is. You will definitely find it better than any OCR software.

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