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Retiring On A Budget? Here Are Your Options

Where you live after retirement will matter more than you think right now. Living in your old home can be convenient in many ways. You know your neighbors, the nearest chemist’s shops and grocery stores. However, climbing up and down the stairs, every day can become a challenge you have never foreseen. Difficulties in mobility, health-related issues and the lack of a helping hand during the hour of need are some reasons people choose to move to a community.

Community living is an umbrella term that encompasses assisted living, independent living, dedicated continuing care, and memory care. Each person has a unique set of needs. What you need in your retired life might not be identical to your sibling’s or friend’s necessities. The only way to find out which type of community will help you is by assessing the pros and cons of each.

Independent living

Independent living allows socialization at will, and it is convenient for the physically active senior citizens. Lowincome senior apartments can be a part of independent life too. Try to answer these few questions –

i. Do you go out frequently and hang out with friends in social situations?

ii. Can you meet your personal care requisites?

iii. Do you always remember to refill your prescriptions and take your medication?

iv. Are you interested in maintaining your current lifestyle?

Assisted living

Assisted living is the right choice for the seniors, who value their privacy. You can live in a private apartment within an assisted community. It is somewhere in between a retirement care community and personal housing. Is it the right choice for you?

i. Do you need help with daily activities and chores?

ii. Are safety, personal care, and cost of assistance at home leading concerns?

iii. Are you afraid of isolation?

iv. Are you facing mobility problems?

Memory care

Age makes memories fuzzy. People with Alzheimer have it more difficult than those with dementia at times. Nonetheless, all adults with memory problems require dedicated care with food, medication and daily works for their personal safety. Answer the following questions to find out who needs memory care?

i. Do you require round-the-clock care for safety concerns?

ii. Has the person shown any aggression, wandering or Sundowner’s Syndrome in the past?

iii. Does the person struggle to engage in social situations, and meaningful tasks?

Life Plan community

Life plan communities are campus-like environments, which offer complete care after retirement. You will find affordable assisted living including assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. Most independent seniors in love with their freedom and social life choose LPCs for their flexible nature. Who should consider life plan communities?

i. Are you hoping to maintain your current independence, highly social and active lifestyle?

ii. Do you feel the need for expert assistance in certain parts of life? Is climbing the stairs, getting out of bed or taking a shower becoming difficult every day?

iii. Do you want to live with your significant other, but the SO wants some other type of senior living facility?

The LPCs are great options for senior couples, who take the forever-after seriously!

Answering the set of questions in each section will help you find out if that is the life you need. Choosing the right senior living facility can add meaning to your life after retirement.

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