Sounds easy? Yes, it is. Instagram is growing multifold in popularity by the day, and you can find many ways to increase the number of likes and followers. The interesting thing is that there are so many so-called experts with ideas to increase your following, but not all of them are in a position to make a difference to your online presence. There are a number of easy to use services out there to increase your following on Instagram. Some of these IG services start as $2 for followers.

To do it easily, all you have to do is visit Gramblast, one of the best places online to buy Instagram likes and followers. If that is not what you’re thinking at the moment, be prepared to do it the hard way. Here’s what will help you get new followers.

Be Consistent With Nature Of Posts

While you would want to be unique and different, it is important you stick to doing what you have started with. For example, if the purpose of your account is to get people to know more about travel in the USA, then post only travel-related blogs, photos or posts. If you suddenly post something about wildlife, people are sure to get wild and confused. If you keep posting unrelated stuff, eventually your followers may lose interest and unfollow you.

Stick To A Schedule For Posting Your Content

Barring a few exceptions like when you are promoting an event or when you have special offers, stick to a proper schedule for your followers to know when to expect posts from you. For example, if you post once a day, then do it. Don’t overdo and post 2-3 times in a day and spam the feeds. On the other hand, don’t be like the blue moon and post once in 2-3 weeks.

Keep the information flowing to make sure people remember you and acknowledge your content. Every post comes with a chance to attract new followers. Even if the post is not related to them, there may be someone they know who may like your post, and if you are consistent, they will probably tag the other person because they know they will get more such content regularly.

Use Creative But Meaningful Hashtags

Don’t go overboard with creativity. Keep in mind the purpose of the post. Hashtags have become an integral part of posts, and relevant hashtags are the ones that make any post popular. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post which is a lot! Use them efficiently, find the ones that you use frequently and are most effective and save them.

Just copy and paste them next time to save yourself some time and effort. Use trending and relevant hashtags.

Geotag’ Your Pictures

Geotagging means mentioning about the places you are at or your target audience would want to search or beat. Let’s say you are eating pizza and you suddenly see or remember something funny that you want to share. You can tag Dominos, pizza hut, papa Jones and so on. People who search for these geotags will see your post or picture about the same, and if they like your post, they are sure to look for more from you.

Carefully Decide On The Time To Post Your Content

For a few weeks, experiment on this and see how the response for a post is when you send it at different times. Decide to post at a time when most if not all of your audience could be checking their feeds. If the timing is wrong, even if your post is highly informative, it may be just lost in the middle of other feeds. Mostly, office goers would check their accounts during their travel time, a lot of users could be checking Instagram just before bedtime and so on. See the trends and strategize accordingly.

Think From Another Person’s Perspective

If you post something, is it likely to be shared again? Does your post appeal to the masses? Is it general enough for everyone to be interested? You need to market your brand highlighting the more interesting content subtly. For example, you may want people to know about your brand, but then if you highlight that more, people may not re-share or even see it. But, if you post something on say current affairs – a joke, a meme or a fact, and mention your brand name somewhere at the top or bottom, people are likely to share and enjoy the post, and at the same time, they will also know where the post is coming from!

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