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The digital world is seeing quite a lot of change in the recent years. From introduction of AI to making shopping easier for users, there’s a host of trends that have come into the picture. This has also led to focusing on ecommerce as the next big thing to take the digital world by storm!

The ecommerce industry has changed dramatically and it has brought in quite a lot of advancement when it comes to online shopping. It is said that the sales are likely to cross a whopping 17% this year, on a global scale and an estimated 22% by 2023. Since companies have moved online, another aspect of ecommerce that needs attention is ecommerce courier services that go hand in hand with online retail. To understand this better, here are a few things that you need to know about ecommerce courier services.

Types of ecommerce courier services

If you’re getting into an online business, it is also important to know the kind of services that you want to render as a company. This helps a great deal in determining your goals and envisioning the best for your business.

  1. Standard courier services- Basic shipping & delivery services from one place to another

  2. Free in-store pickup- Offering pickup points for customers based on their convenience

  3. Overnight service- Where you deliver the product the next day

  4. Same day delivery- As the name suggests, you need to ensure that the package is delivered on the same day

  5. International couriers- This is if you’re established and look to expand across the globe

  6. Courier aggregators- This is where you provide end-to-end shipping solutions, bulk shipping options and also returns.

This is as far as the type of ecommerce courier service goes. But there is more to this than meets the eye! One of the other important things to look into would be whether or not you need to set up an ecommerce website. This has been a commonly asked question by entrepreneurs and the answer being yes! It is in fact great for your business as it reduces costs, you can operate from anywhere, feedback and product reviews can be generated and so on.

While a website may be one of the key essentials for your business, let us delve further into the different criteria that ecommerce courier services follow when it comes to calculating shipping costs. Here’s what they take into consideration:

  • Size of the parcel
  • Weight of the parcel
  • Country of destination
  • Country of origin
  • Tracking system
  • Insurance (if any)

This is in the case of shipments within your country but the ballgame changes when you’re dealing with international shipments. From costs to special permissions, from paperwork to providing transparency throughout the process; there’s a whole lot to handle.

Moreover, it is all about creating the right ecommerce shipping solution for your customers. All you need to focus on is how to make it a success. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Get the right team together

  2. Set clear goals

  3. Figure out the right strategy

  4. Take each day as it comes

It also helps to use the right kind of technology in order to improve the entire ecommerce courier service experience. You can cut your job in half if you streamline it through technology.

For instance, you have a platform like Dash101 logistics which is a fully loaded portal for all your shipping solutions. With costs like never before and 8 courier partners that ship across 27,000+ pin codes across the country, this is everything a business needs!

Not only is Dash101 your ecommerce courier partner but it is also a business partner. You can also work on improving your customer experience through their SPR (Shipping Partner Recommendation) engine that helps your customer find the best courier partner, automated costs and regular updates for the same.

Just like a business needs investments, you need to invest in the right ecommerce courier service in order to grow your business and enhance your customer experience. We hope this guide will help you to figure out the nitty gritties of ecommerce courier services and take your business to another level.

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