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Eight Common Types of Mattresses Explained: A Shopping Guide

When it comes to purchasing a mattress, you need to be knowledgeable with all the different types available. It isn’t just about getting the first one you see online. You need to make sure that it fits the way you sleep so you’re able to rest well and without problems. These are expensive investments and it’ll be such a hassle having to replace it if you chose the wrong one!

The first thing is to research on when selecting one is the type of mattress. Yes, there are different kinds to choose from! So read on as I show you the eight common types of mattresses explained: a shopping guide to help you out!

The key for a good night’s sleep is with the right mattress! These are the eight types you can choose from:

1. Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are now growing in popularity, thanks to its amazing support and comfort. This conforms to your body when you sleep, providing pressure relief regardless of your sleeping position. It feels just as if you’re being cradled, which improves your sleep quality, too!

Furthermore, they are quite durable. However, they tend to sleep hot and can be pricier, depending on the company.

2. Gel

Since memory foam mattresses are a bit hot for those who live in warm climates, gel mattresses are the next best option. They have a gel topper on the memory foam mattresses, which provides coolness and breathability. It absorbs body heat well and lessens the chances of night sweats and hot flashes!
But they do have a different feel than memory foam, which is why it’s best to test it out before buying.

3. Innerspring

Innerspring (or coil) mattresses are the traditional mattresses you most likely have, which offer the internal support using metal springs.
You’re able to measure the support quality with the number of coils it comes with. The coil number and distribution will determine as to how good the mattress conforms and supports your body. With the right type of spring shape and coil gauges, anyone will be able to find the proper kind of innerspring mattresses for them.

4. Water Bed

Just like its name, waterbed mattresses would use water as its support system, which is most recommended for back sleepers.

Free-flow chambers are mattresses that conform to the pressure given, so there’s no obstruction when the water moves. For waveless waterbeds, it’s made of fiber that limits the water movement. What you choose depends on the amount of flexibility and support you like, as well as a preference (in case you don’t like the movement of water).

5. Air Bed

Just like waterbeds, air ads would have a chamber with air used as support. The chamber has foam or fiber upholstery pads, which provide comfort for sleeping. Its chamber is adjustable, so you have the freedom to set the firmness according to your preference. These are best for back sleepers or partners who have various firmness needs.

6. Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam, though they use latex and are made of more natural processes compared to the others. They also have the similar feel and conforming abilities of the memory foam, with the many choices of firmness and plushness to accommodate any sleeping position. Plus, these are less heating compared to memory foam!

7. Adjustable Mattress

An adjustable base mattress is probably the most flexible kind, offering proper support and relief whenever and however you need it. You have the ability to elevate your head, feed, or provide better back support.
This type of mattress is great for those who have sleep-related problems or pain after surgery or various conditions which affect their muscles.

8. Pillow Tops

Side sleepers might appreciate pillow top mattresses more. These have another layer added to the top of the mattress, which is used as your pillow! The top area is soft and cushiony, having the conforming feeling compared to memory foam (though they are used with a coil or innerspring mattress). That way, your body sinks into the mattress while keeping your back in better alignment.

Wrapping It Up

Through investing in the right type of mattress, you’ll be able to select the one that’s meant to bring you the proper support and comfort for a refreshing night’s sleep! While it may seem daunting to choose from the various kinds available, it’s definitely worth spending the time to research than hassle yourself in the long run.

Hopefully, this article on the eight common types of mattresses helped you find the right one for you. So don’t wait any longer and start looking into the other factors to consider when getting a mattress now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on selecting the right mattress, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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