Bathrooms have their own way of refreshing you from a hard day at work and relax your soul to the fullest. Perhaps what appears aesthetic to the eye can be the centre of attraction of your bathroom. After all how many times do we wash our hands in bathroom hand basins in a single day and use the products to cleanse our dirty hands? So why not give importance to its design and pay attention for it can be both functional and useful.

It is time to upgrade your old conventional hand basin of your bathroom to be better and a modern design. There are multiple types of designs that are available in the market to match myriad styles of the bathroom from conventional to eccentric one. You can choose from different colors that match your bathroom interiors or make a bold statement by choosing a stark contrast colour. Either way, you shall choose your basin depending on your own personality and style.

Common Types of Basins:

1. Wall Mounted Bracket Ceramic Basins: These are perhaps the most common type of bathroom hand basins available in the market. It is relatively less expensive and easy to install. These walls mounted ceramic basins don’t need any external support to hold them up and rather is directly attached to your bathroom wall. Although many combinations are available, they are commonly found white in color.

2. Table Mounted Ceramic Basins: They are also very common among customers and also are very install with various shapes and sizes too and has got very good quality material. All you need to do is add a simple strong enough counter to mount the basin and place the basin on the top. They can be made of wood, glass, metal, marble and also granite. They come mostly in white and give a luxurious touch to the bathroom and comfortably fit in too many designs.

3. Colored Ceramic Hand Wash Basins: They are similar in nature to both the wall mounted and the table mounted ceramic basin but only differ in the color combination of the material. They can either of a single color or comprise of different patterns and colors. They are mostly found in powder bathrooms but also are found currently in trend in children’s bathroom and dining area basin.

4. Marble Wash Basins: These marble ones are made of cream or black Italian marble. Marble is just one irreplaceable classic home making material. There is no way one would want to eliminate the marble feel from there bathroom. Special tools are used to shape and polish the marbles into exquisite wash basins being placed on top of the counter. They make wonderful use of the luxury apartments as they use marble flourishing and glass walls.

 5. Onyx Hand Basins: These are table mounted basins that are completely made out of onyx which is a translucent and radiant stone that has a characteristic feel of warmth and an incredible depth of color.

How To Choose The Best:

Consumers are rather spoil for choice both in terms of color and material combination merely by looking at the enormity of the options available. It perhaps all comes down to or boils down to the choice and preference of the customer. Before opting for any bathroom hand basins, it is necessary to access the design and style of your bathroom along with its fittings and spaces available. Just make sure that the dressing of the hand basin doesn’t contradict that of the bathroom tub and sink. The ideal height for wash basin should be around 800-900mm. Also, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment but in a bathroom that had perfectly placed fittings but having one radically different hand basin would be really odd. It should be strong enough to withstand the prolonging force and cleaning.

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