By Olivia Jones

It feels as if 2018 isn’t really just around the corner, but miles and miles away, simply because we’re still spending our days in regular responsibilities and that festive spirit fever has yet to catch on. In truth, we’re only a few weeks away from a new beginning, a clean slate if you will, and many are rushing towards their blank screen or a clean sheet of paper to write down their resolutions.

But what if you ditch the typical resolutions mindset and start your craved lifestyle changes a few weeks ahead of the game? This will not only be your motivation to continue building healthy habits for the duration of 2018 and beyond, but it will also give you an incredible sense of accomplishment once the clock strikes twelve. And it doesn’t have to be all that dramatic and complicated – it can be as simple as rising an hour earlier or swapping sugar with stevia.

Think frugal thoughts

Nobody would complain if they had more money in their bank account, right? But you’d think that it takes too much effort and some serious behavioral changes to achieve that, although the truth is the opposite. For example, you can cycle or walk to work instead of using the bus or the car, although in case it’s a very long commute, carpooling could be the best option.

Start making your own cleaning supplies instead of shopping for the pricey, branded ones, and you’ll not only save up but also protect your home from unwanted toxin pollution – vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice are your go-to ingredients for almost all surfaces.

You can start meal-prepping once a week to make enough home-cooked meals and pre-measured snacks assigned to each day of the week. That will give you extra free time during the upcoming week, save you plenty of money of takeout and fast food, and safeguard your health all in one little change!

Create your own Zen zone

Name a disease, a chronic health issue or a mental problem, such as anxiety and depression, and they are in all likelihood connected to stress, if not entirely caused by it. Now, we cannot avoid stress altogether, but we can become more resilient to it and strive to use it as a growing tool as opposed to something that negatively affects our well-being.

For a more peaceful life, start a daily meditation routine, ten minutes in the morning and in the evening to start with, and see where that takes you. It will flood your body with serotonin and anchor your mind in the present moment to enjoy the little things in life.

And after a stressful week at work, use your Saturday to detox your body and your mind with a L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath – make some bubbles and play some of your favorite soothing music in the background to get you into the right mood. When you take time to unwind, you’ll become much better at handling challenging moments in life.

Nourish your well-being

With a strong immune system and a healthy, fit body, you’ll also have much more energy, sleep better and your focus will improve. But baby steps are essential for maintaining consistency in your healthy lifestyle, so think about abandoning sugar and using a healthier alternative such as stevia, create a sleeping schedule that ensures at least seven hours of solid sleep every night at the same time, and infuse your life with more movement.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk with your friend with a takeout coffee instead of a regular coffee place chat, set up walk and talk meetings with your clients and get a standing desk. Spend your weekend hiking in nature or sightseeing in your own city, dance in your own home, find more ways to get off the couch and stay active.

As for your diet, that meal-planning scheme will help you outline your snacks and you’ll have access to healthy munchies instead of that chocolate bar. Challenge yourself to try a new healthy recipe every week and introduce more fun into your cooking life, and reward yourself with an occasional treat that you love, to keep your spirits up and support your health goals!

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