By Harris Scott

When we look for better recruitment solution we often wonder which would be the right choice to go for the selection of the candidate. No doubt over the past few decades such process has improves dramatically and of course for this the credit goes to the advancement in technology.

Up until the 90’s you would notice that the only way to get the hiring was to put the ad for the opening for the company and then candidate would visit the interview and get the selection done depending upon the personal interview. The face to face application though is a traditional approach but needs to be followed for better understanding about human nature. Other than this, there are also many things that you might want to inculcate.

Making your recruitment stronger:

Aptitude test:

There are different parts of aptitude test that you can use during the recruitment. It may include analysing the nature of the candidate through logical reasoning, numerical reasoning and many more. The reason behind keeping such test is to make sure whether the candidate can actually take crucial decision when there comes any issue from the client. The ability to deal with the client tactfully is important since it the dependency on the employer each time for the solution can actually become a troublesome task to deal with.

Email Assessment:

Email marketing at every point of time is important to promote your business and reach to the target audience who refer to online solutions for their own growth and development. When you look at the email marketing assessment, you need to put across the situations and questions in such a way that you come to know whether the candidates can speak or respond to the client in a desired manner by which he would be able to get maximum response from them in a positive manner. Email marketing is all about reaching to the audience who don’t even know the existence of your business and converting them from merely your reader to the loyal customer.

Technical Assessment:

For the particular field in which you have come up with the job opening you need to be sure if the person is well versed with the domain. The person needs to hold a strong technical background of that particular domain with necessary skills and abilities that should be used while dealing with the issues that may come up.

Personal round: This should be the last round of interview once the candidate clears all the above rounds. In personal interview you can have face to face communication with the candidate and know how good he is in showcasing his own personality to the people with whom he may have to speak in near future.

Looking at the current job landscape, there is no doubt that each of the above assessment solution needs to be considered at the time of recruitment. The prime role of marketing in the recruitment process is to understand whether the new trends that a candidate would use in future can help the business grow or not.

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