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Is This The End For Tim Tebow?

Reports have indicated that the New England Patriots have released quarterback Tim Tebow even after a solid preseason performance against the New York Giants on Thursday.

As for the news it’s not at all surprising as he struggled from the day he stepped into training camp and it continued during preseason games. In game one against the Philadelphia Eagles he went 4-12 for 55 yards and got sacked three times he did carry the ball four times for 31 yards, game two he went 1-7 with -1 yards passing and an interception and carried the ball six times for 30 yards, game three he didn’t play in a lopsided loss to the Detroit Lions and against the Giants 6-11 for 91 yards, got sacked four times, threw two touchdowns and an interception and again carried the ball six times for 30 yards.

With three games played in he threw for 145 yards, completed 36.7 percent of his passes, got sacked seven times, threw two touchdowns and two interceptions. The only positive for him is that he picked up 91 yards on 16 carries. Yet, for a team that predicates itself on throwing the football he had no chance of making the team. Which brings up the question will Tebow sign on with another NFL team?

The Buffalo Bills are a team that are in need of a quarterback with E.J. Manuel recovering from surgery, Kevin Kolb’s career possibly over due to concussions, the release of Matt Leinart and the likelihood of starting an undrafted free agent in Jeff Tuel to open the season. Yet, with other quarterbacks being cut by teams there’s a better chance that the Bills will sign someone else.

Tebow’s problems have always been there poor mechanics, poor footwork and poor accuracy. It’s why the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning and traded him to the New York Jets where he couldn’t unseat Mark Sanchez who had a disastrous season in 2012, ultimately got released and ended up with the Patriots who were willing to take a chance on him. Obviously that didn’t work out as the quarterback is now without a team.

Another issue that follows Tebow is the media attention. When the Broncos had success and won the playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers it was all about how great he was and all he did was win football games.

Last year it was when will Rex Ryan make a switch at quarterback and when will Tebow get on the field?  This off-season is where will he sign?

For many teams the attention that follows is a turnoff and combined with his inability to improve his areas of weakness it is painfully clear that his NFL career is now over.






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