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Entertainment: Get Ready Hollywood! Here Comes Miles Teller


December 29, 2014

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Miles Teller is about to breakout in 2015, and he is going to do so in a big way. The 27-year-old actor was incredibly successful in 2014, as he starred in numerous Hollywood hits.

His year started off with the romantic comedy That Awkward Moment, where along with co-stars Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan, played a ladies man looking to fight the temptations of a relationship.

The film did relatively well for a February release, and introduced Teller to a more mainstream audience. Teller’s big breakthrough came with the release of Divergent, where he co-starred with 2014 breakthrough artist Shailene Woodley.

While big studio releases were proving to be no issue for Teller, his best role of the year came in the low budget film Whiplash, a film which he is receiving high acclaim for. While he proved he could take on big roles in 2014, it’s what Teller does this upcoming year that will truly determine if he is indeed the real deal.

The actor will star in the film Insurgent, the sequel to his 2014 breakout Divergent. Teller’s character has a much larger role in this film, so his stock will only grow as a result. However, his biggest–and most important–role this year will be that of Reed Richards in the new Fantastic Four film series.

He will be under intense scrutiny from a very opinionated audience, but Teller will have a familiar face alongside of him in the role as his That Awkward Moment co-star Michael B. Jordan will also star in the film.

This is Teller’s big year to prove he is a leading man in Hollywood. He gets the leading role in Fantastic Four, will see increased screen time in an already successful film series, and will star in two other films, “Bleed For This” and “Get A Job”. So, get ready Los Angeles, because here comes Miles Teller.

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