Jonte Wells

Jonte Wells grew Greater Purpose Athletics from the ground up, with the sole goal of helping underprivileged children in urban Chicago to find their way in the world of athletics. Coming from a background similar to their own, without access to sports facilities that could change his career path, Jonte faced an uphill battle to achieve this success as a series entrepreneur. Now, his passion is helping others do the same including through his new venture, Greater Purpose Management.

Jonte’s history of growing up in inner-city Chicago was difficult. He didn’t have access to the sports facilities he needed. He didn’t have people to push him to reach his ultimate goals. Yet, he knows that these facilities help to keep kids off the streets. Sports helped keep him out of trouble as a kid. That’s why he is working hard to build Greater Purpose Management, a talent agency designed to provide young athletes with all of the tools they need to achieve success no matter what their background is right now.

What It Takes to Find Success

Defining success as an entrepreneur means going further than simply making money. It’s about doing more, giving more, and supporting futures. For Jonte, young athletes are his focus. Providing them with the tools they need to thrive in fitness and sports – from the fundamentals of having access to equipment and facilities to the skills and knowledge to thrive – is his goal. When considering the pillars, or core qualifications of an entrepreneur, the following are solid examples.

Risk Tasking

It’s not just about going out there and performing at an average level. Rather, it is about investing hard in success. Risk-taking means putting it all out there – time, talent, and hard work. It also means taking the chance even when the results are not promised. Jonte says he wants to “help people find their way.” For that to happen, people have to take risks. He says, “We want to show them their options and path. They don’t have to have it all figured out by now.” They have to take that chance, though, and move forward with their goals. If you don’t take chances, nothing changes and mediocre is the only level of success achieved.

Don’t Cheat Yourself

A valuable pillar for success is in this simple statement. “Don’t cheat yourself. You get your all. When you do this, it will lead you to find your purpose. That’s where real success stems from.” Often, people who want to thrive in business give up easily or don’t put everything into it. For young athletes, for example, this may come down to not putting everything they have into their success on the floor or not defining what they want for their career. If they want to find purpose and success, you can’t let yourself down. You have to do everything you want and can do to succeed.

Getting to Know the Client Closely

Another core component of success in any business is having a solid understanding of the person to who you are providing service. If you cannot think and understand the background of that athlete, you cannot create the services and support they need.

As “the basketball guy” Jonte is recognized in his community as well as through the numerous people he works with within the agency, for being there. He “takes the time to talk to each athlete and gives them personal guidance.” Understanding the end client is a necessary step, but it is often something overlooked.

For example, Jonte built his facility to meet the needs of young athletes who lacked other options. He’s passionate about helping these individuals and it shows in his willingness to really take the time to get to know each person. If you cannot put that type of time and effort into the end client, you may not find the success you could have. It is not about making a dollar, but about making time.

Hiring the Right Support

One of the core components of success is knowing your boundaries and limitations. Every athlete has his or her skill. Yet, just that skill alone isn’t going to get you onto the college roosters and into the NBA. It’s also about finding the right people to support you. A lot of that comes from finding talent management that knows your needs from a foundation level – like having spent years working their own way up in the industry. By tapping into professionals that know the industry, you are empowering yourself for success.

Jonte says, “I feel like I can relate to them and just kind of understand them, everything they want and need.” He also notes that this background allows him to help athletes to meet their goals on and off the court. He supports them from start to finish, a critical tool and resource for those who want to be a success. “We’re very hands-on. We contact or communicate with them daily. We’re making sure that they are happy and whatever they need to turn on is available. It’s not always a guarantee, but they know where we’re trying. We’re trying to do everything in the day they are asking us to.”

What Makes GPA so Unique?

Going to the gym, supporting youth, and providing resources that are not always there is a big part of his agency. Jonte has designed GPA to be a facility that helps youth and creates a family dynamic. It is a way to interact with all athletes and trainers on a one-on-one basis, providing support, guidance, and real knowledge to help them thrive. It’s not a money grab, but a way to create a bigger purpose for each and every individual.

As a successful entrepreneur in numerous industries, Jonte continues to want to support young men and women. He wants to help kids grow by providing them with the talent support, marketing, and even the inspiration to thrive. While he is working to build sports stars, he also knows that each one of those who come to them could also be an entrepreneur in the making.

You can find Jonte on Instagram or check out Greater Purpose Athletics online to find out how you can get involved.

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