Henry Coffie is an entrepreneur and fashion designer specializing in classic menswear tailoring and bespoke suit designing. Born and raised in Ghana, he completed his junior high school from Datus Tema and attended high school at West Africa Sec School (WASS). In 2001, upon completing his high school education in Ghana, Henry packed his bags and migrated to France to live with his mum, who was already working there in a saloon for more than a decade.

In Paris, he helped her with her job in the saloon before he started to chase his own dreams and passions.

Henry is not someone who was either born into an extremely rich family or a family that was already associated with the fashion industry. Therefore, with no connections and a humble sum of money, he had to work extremely hard in order to become successful and make a name for himself. Henry even did jobs that were not related to fashion at all. These included working as a hotel receptionist, a street hawker, and even someone who washed dishes in restaurants.

He entered the world of fashion design when he did an internship in Paris with a suit store called Yves Dorsey. Moreover, he also worked with a men’s wear store in Paris called 3eme Stella Rosso. Every one of these various stores expanded his love and passion for men’s fashion and touched off his profound interest in designing suits. Nonetheless, it was the point where he worked with Nicolas Massing London that he was moved by the flawless suits from the designer’s collections and believed that he too could create designs that were as immaculate as those.

After working with different men’s suit stores in Paris, he realized that it was time to pursue his career in America. Therefore, he arrived in Philadelphia in 2017 and opened his first store over there in May of the same year. Even though the transition from Europe to America was not easy, Henry did not lose hope.

He started by creating his clientele portfolio and networking with local suit designers in Philadelphia to enhance his awareness about the American fashion industry.

According to Henry, his secret to success is the fact that he emphasizes on fit, quality, and style. In addition to this, he also focuses on great customer service, fast and free delivery, and a fast turnaround time on bespoke suits. The well-tailored and good quality suits are definitely worth the price you pay. Henry makes sure that his suits can cater to all sorts of clients.

Therefore, the prices are also quite affordable. The excellent quality, remarkable services and affordable prices offered by the brand are the factors that make Henry Coffie so successful.

It is his sheer hard work and determination that has led him to achieve multiple awards. He was given an award of excellence by The Fashion 500 in NYC and was also honored with the Fashion Designer 2019 Upper Darby Philadelphia award. In addition to this, he also has his name in the Best Fashion Designer 2020 Business Hall of Fame. Henry believes that his journey towards success is still an ongoing one as he wants to be one of the best menswear fashion designers in America.



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