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Essential Roofing Tips To Prevent Leakage Problems


March 21, 2017

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By Thomas Sujain

Overlooking the roofing issues can lead to serious problems at a later stage. The minor leaks can cause devastating effects, unless you take the necessary steps to get them repaired.

You must try to check the roof on a monthly basis to identify any small issue that may cause a big problem later on.

Here are some measures to keep in mind.

Avoid Harsh Climatic Conditions

Inspecting the leakage source on your own can be a difficult and a risky task. It becomes all the more tough during the winter season or the monsoon. In fact, when there tends to be snowfall or heavy rain, it may not be a good idea to try to find out any leakage.

At the same time, a temporary fixing solution may not be worth the effort and the time invested. Remember, there is absolutely no such thing as quick-fix, when it comes to roof repairing solutions.

You need to take your time and be very patient while carefully handling the task. Never take the initiative during harsh weather conditions. It may turn into a life-threatening scenario.

Always Take Precautionary Measures

While being on the roof, you need to take the proper precautionary measures. You must wear special gripped rubber sole shoes to prevent accidental skidding or slipping.

Never work alone and always include a partner to work with. You must also use a suitable harness to make things smoother. If possible, you can even consider taking a professional help by hiring Houston’s top roofing contractors.

Carefully Spray the Roof

This is a crucial step. Just take a working garden hose when you are on the roof. Now, you need to spray water from the hose and wet the different areas of the roof to identify the source of the leakage.

However, you must avoid this process during the winter season. After all, it may not be a great or a safe idea to run water on the roof while it is freezing outside.

Clean Clogged Gutters Regularly

You must see to it that the gutters are well-maintained and are always kept clean. Clogged gutters can cause roof leaks. If your gutter is filled with debris, it can cause the rain water to get stored during the monsoon season.

Roof leakage can also happen because of dry rots. These rots tend to take place primarily due to the lack of ventilation. You cannot purely relate it to any kind of water damage situation.

If there tends to occur a leakage right in the middle of the roof, the reason may well be a deteriorating plywood condition that is supporting the roof. In such situations, the roof tries to sag in, thus, causing the shingles to get somewhat brittle.

This ultimately leads to the cracks, causing the leakage.

To avoid dry rots, you need to install a sort of ridge vent that works, if there happens to be a soffit vent. You need to drill some holes through these vents to let the cool air flow in while allowing the hot air to move out from the top.

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